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Learn to Work Anywhere with Sugar Mobile

Learn to Work Anywhere with Sugar Mobile

Away from your desktop? Sugar Mobile allows your organization to maintain productivity while out of the office or on the road, with or without connectivity.

Watch our webinar to learn how to see how Sugar Mobile works while being offline.

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wMobile User Group: Using the SQL Manager

In this webinar, we covered the new updates in wMobile and had a live demonstration on how to use the SQL Manager.

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CRM for Banking: Innovation Showcase

In this webinar, learn how to configure Sugar for banking CRM application needs.

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Get a SmartStart: Your Sales Lead Process is Half-Baked. Learn A Better Way.

In this SmartStart, learn how to improve your sales cycle by managing early stage sales opportunities

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Sugar Showcase: wMaps: Sugar Integration to Bing Maps

In this Sugar Showcase webinar, take a dive into our product, wMaps: Sugar Integration to Bing Maps.

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