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GoldMine Showcase: Riva CRM Integration

GoldMine Showcase: Riva CRM Integration

In this GoldMine Showcase, we highlighted how the Riva CRM Integration can directly sync GoldMine to email systems such as Exchange, Office 365, Gmail, and Google Apps.

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GoldMine User Group: Using and Creating Real Time Dashboards

In our GoldMine User Group webinar, we discussed Using and Creating Real-Time Dashboards.

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wMobile User Group: Using Cases in wMobile Desktop

Learn how to create, reassign, escalate and resolve cases in wMobile Desktop as well as how to create and use templates for common issues to save time creating new cases.

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wMobile User Group: Filter Bar in wMobile Desktop

In this wMobile User Group, we discussed Using the Filter Bar in wMobile Desktop.

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wMobile User Group: Configuring Notification Services

Discover how Notification Services in wMobile can be used to send users activity notifications such as alarms on pending activities, notification of a new scheduled activity, completion of an activity marked for RSVP, etc.

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