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Automate Communication Using Sugar Reports

Watch our webinar to see how easy it is to monitor your organization’s marketing analytics, sales trends, case reports, and customer profiles in Sugar.

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Email Archiving with wMobile for GoldMine

In this wMobile User Group, we showcased your options for Email Archiving with wMobile for GoldMine and we reviewed the new wMobile Phone User Interface (UI) that includes a new navigation bar, an improved Contact view, and a cleaner, more modern look.

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Access All Your Cloud Files from Sugar

Watch our webinar to see how easy it is to access Dropbox, Google Drive, and OneDrive directly in SugarCRM.

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4 Great New Capabilities for Sugar

Watch our webinar to see how to automate and streamline processes, improve engagement, and integrate messaging in Sugar.

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Remote Sales Management with Sugar Dashboards

Watch our webinar to see how CRM dashboards help you stay prepared and productive with real-time insights into your customer data.

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Automatic, Predictive Revenue Insight with Sugar Discover

Watch our webinar where Jake Cornelius, Sr. Director of Product Management from SugarCRM, gave an inside scoop on Sugar Discover.

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Align Marketing and Sales with Sugar Market

Make sure you watch our webinar to see how W-Systems uses both Sugar and Sugar Market for marketing and sales.

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Learn to Work Anywhere with Sugar Mobile

Make sure you watch our Sugar Mobile demo to maintain productivity while out of the office or on the road, with or without connectivity.

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GoldMine Remote Work Options with wMobile

Watch our webinar and learn how you can fully access your GoldMine tool while working remotely.

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Keep Business Moving with Electronic Signature

Make sure you watch our DocuSign demo to send contracts, approvals, and other agreements remotely from anywhere.

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Exclusive W-Systems Chat with SugarCRM CEO, Craig Charlton

Make sure you watch our exclusive chat with SugarCRM CEO, Craig Charlton.

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Our Favorite 5 Sugar Tools to Boost Sales in 2020

Make sure you don't miss our webinar focusing on our five favorite Sugar tools that will boost your sales in 2020.

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