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Webinar: Advanced Calendar Solution for Sugar Register

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Improve Member Engagement with Marketing Automation

Watch our webinar where we showcased how to effectively communicate with your members with Sugar Market.

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Use Sugar Data to Easily Generate Complex Documents

Watch our webinar where we showcased brand new features for wDocs, our document automation solution for Sugar, to help you easily create complex, high-quality documents.

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Reduce Time & Automate Anything in Sugar with Custom Buttons

Watch our webinar where we showcased how to perform multiple actions in Sugar with Custom Buttons.

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Lead Scoring with Sugar Market

Watch our webinar where we showcased how Sugar Market’s lead scoring capabilities can enable you to accelerate your sales cycle by sending only the most qualified leads to Sales.

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Using Cluster Bar Charts to Manage Goals in Sugar

See how to set up goals and manage progress for your company, teams, and employees in Sugar.

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Increase User Productivity and Integrate Slack with Sugar

See how to improve productivity by integrating Sugar with your company communication tool.

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Provide Outstanding Support with Sugar Serve

See how Sugar Serve can help your customer support team create outstanding customer experiences, from easy at-a-glance dashboards to robust self-service portals.

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Top 5 Sugar Enhancements From W-Systems

Watch our webinar to see how our favorite enhancements can help you work faster and smarter in Sugar.

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Eliminate Data Silos with Sugar Integrate

Watch our webinar with Matt Marum and Rod Martinez from SugarCRM to learn how Sugar Integrate enables your business to integrate customer experience processes and data with business applications.

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Enhance Customer Relationships with TrustSphere

Watch our webinar to see how easy it is to view your organization’s level of engagement at a glance in Sugar.

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Automate Communication Using Sugar Reports

Watch our webinar to see how easy it is to monitor your organization’s marketing analytics, sales trends, case reports, and customer profiles in Sugar.

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Email Archiving with wMobile for GoldMine

In this wMobile User Group, we showcased your options for Email Archiving with wMobile for GoldMine and we reviewed the new wMobile Phone User Interface (UI) that includes a new navigation bar, an improved Contact view, and a cleaner, more modern look.

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