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Your Data From Almost Any System Into Our Products.

We at W-Systems have the data conversion software you need for almost any type of migration. This process is often the most labor intensive for most businesses. It is also essential that it is planned and executed properly. Our data conversion services can convert small or large amounts of individual databases efficiently for your convenience. Let us help you prevent data loss.

When implementing a new software system, it's often critical to retain data that resides on other systems. We have the methodology and tools for almost any migration.

Large Scale Conversions

We can efficiently convert small or large numbers of individual databases, and map them to your new system. This step involves considerable analysis and standardization, and can often be one of the most labor-intensive aspects of migrating to a new tool. Accordingly, it's essential that this process is planned and executed correctly.

Data Cleansing

Using our proprietary tools, we can clean your data by eliminating duplicated contacts that often result from merging multiple databases. We can standardize the terminology used in the migrated databases, so you can have a fresh start with common terms and language in your new centralized database.