The Solution the Land Title Industry is Talking About

Our Land Title CRM Solution helps you manage Orders and Relationships by putting RamQuest data at your fingertips with one easy-to-use package. 

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CRM for the Land Title Industry

Land Title CRM powered by SugarCRM

A Land Title CRM Built on Industry Knowledge

We’ve worked with experts in your industry to build the Land Title CRM. Because of that, you can rest assured that our Land Title CRM Solution will help you mitigate risks against your software selection, the same way you help your customers reduce risks associated with property ownership issues.

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Integration with RamQuest

The data in RamQuest is essential to your work process, so we’ve built an integration to RamQuest that provides consistent access to Order data. Our integration with RamQuest syncs bi-directionally to pull in Order data, including:

  • Detailed Order Information
  • Information on all related Parties and Properties
  • Order and Loan documentation
  • Order Notes

Built for User Adoption

Land Title Industry experts agree that users who take advantage of CRM consistently outperform those that do not. Our focus on efficient information presentation and simplified navigation means that our Land Title CRM is very easy to use.  Ease of Use leads to rapid user adoption and facilitates consistent, accurate interactions between Sales and Escrow teams.

Industry Specific Configuration

Standard CRM tools on the market focus on a traditional sales cycle with opportunities and accounts, rather than information related to Orders and Parties. You need a tool that manages information related to Orders and the complex relationships with all involved parties (Buyers, Sellers, Financiers, and Agents). Our Land Title CRM Solution includes customizations that enable tracking of Orders, Parties, Properties, Loans, and Interactions with everyone involved in the transaction.

Focus on the Big Picture with Dashboard Reporting

The dashboard reporting in our Land Title CRM Solution allows you to see the big picture and summarized details from both RamQuest and CRM in one location. Executives use their dashboards to focus on important KPIs that influence business decisions. Managers report on regions and branches to make sure their team is on track. 

Sales and Escrow users have summarized visibility into Open Orders (by Order Type, Referral Contact and Lender), Open Orders with Funding Date, Closed Orders (by Order Type, Referral Contact and Lender).

Remote Access, Anywhere and Anytime

Our Land Title CRM works on desktops, tablets, and mobile phones. The data can be accessed from anywhere, even without an internet connection. Sales Reps and Title Processors will always have access to the most up to date data so they can stay focused on closing deals and delivering insurance.

Automated Workflows to Boost User Adoption

We’ve mapped out the key milestones in your sales process and created automated workflows to notify your users about file openings and closings, scheduled closings, disbursement of funding, and more. The flexibility of our platform allows us to review any additional processes you spend time on and automate them in CRM to save you time and money while proactively helping keep everyone moving forward.