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CRM for Land Title Integrated with RamQuest

Our Land Title CRM Solution helps you manage Orders and Relationships by putting RamQuest data at your fingertips with one easy-to-use package. 

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CRM for the Land Title Industry

Land Title CRM powered by SugarCRM

Meet Land Title CRM

We’ve worked with experts in your industry to build the Land Title CRM. Because of that, you can rest assured that our Land Title CRM Solution will help you mitigate risks against your software selection, the same way you help your customers reduce risks associated with property ownership issues.

  • Land Title CRM is tightly integrated with RamQuest data
  • Centralized information on Orders, Referral Sources and other Party’s involved in Title Transactions
  • Easy to Understand and Use with minimal training
  • Speedy macro buttons to get things done quickly while in the field
  • Desktop and Mobile access to CRM and RamQuest Info
  • Offline Mobile access when there is no Internet Connection

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Our focus on efficient information presentation and simplified navigation means that our Land Title CRM based on SugarCRM is very easy to use.

The Value of CRM

Land Title Industry experts agree that users who take advantage of CRM consistently outperform those that do not. Our Land Tile CRM includes the tools you need to create a great customer experience, fulfill expectations and not drop the ball on relationships.

  • Keep a central information source about the companies and people you work with
  • Keep a shared log of all the interactions you have had
  • Keep track of issues and opportunities
  • Use it to systematize your organizations ‘secret sauce’

Use CRM and RamQuest Together to Grow Your Business

The data in RamQuest is essential to your work process, so we’ve built an integration to RamQuest that provides consistent access to Order data. Our integration with RamQuest syncs bi-directionally to pull in Order data.

  • Provide the entire team with 360-degree views into relationship Profiles, History, and Notes
  • Use automated Analytics to Prioritize time with the right Parties
  • Bring your RamQuest data with you when working out of the office
  • Built-in reporting of top Referral Sources, Who is trending up, and Who is trending down
  • Automated Notifications of key events
SugarCRM Report Chart Dashlets

Dashboards & Reports

The dashboard reporting in our Land Title CRM Solution allows you to see the big picture and summarized details from both RamQuest and CRM in one location. Executives use their dashboards to focus on important KPIs that influence business decisions. Managers report on regions and branches to make sure their team is on track.

Example RamQuest reports include:

  • Management Dashboards grouped by Open & Closed Orders
  • Top Referral Sources by Account and Contact
  • Orders by Branch, Type or Rep
  • My Open Orders within 14 Days of Funding
  • My Top Referral Sources by Account and Contact
SugarBPM Workflows automate business processes

Automated Workflows

Automated Workflows are actions, or a series of actions that are executed automatically when a predefined condition occurs.

We’ve mapped out the key milestones in your sales process and created automated workflows to notify your users about file openings and closings, scheduled closings, disbursement of funding, and more.


  • New File is Opened in RamQuest 
  • Closing Date is Scheduled 
  • File is Closed in RamQuest 
  • Closing is Overdue 

On-Screen Alerts 

  • Green when Contact or Company is Steady or Growing 
  • Red when Contact or Company is in Decline 
Sugar Mobile app for iOS Android phones tablets

Works Where Your Relationships Are

Our Land Title CRM works on desktops, tablets, and mobile phones. The data can be accessed from anywhere, even without an internet connection:

  • From your PC or Mac internet browser
  • From your phone using an Apple or Google app
  • From an iPad or Android Tablet Device Internet not required when remote
  • Offline data synchronization to your phone or tablet
RamQuest One is the fully integrated title, closing, escrow accounting, imaging, transaction management solution designed for title and settlement operations.