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Tried and True Testing Success

W-Systems doesn’t just test software. We make sure your project is issue-free and ready to be easily adopted and used by anyone in your organization.

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QA & Testing

QA & Testing Services

As project development nears completion, our team of QA experts will step in and work very closely with our developers to identify and iron out any issue they discover. We also require that the people who know your organization best (you) take part in user-testing to boost overall user adoption.

During this phase, our QA specialists will also suggest improvements to any features to ensure your final product will be easily adopted and used in your organization.

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The Path to QA & Testing Success

Short Feedback Loop

As they are located in the same office, our developer and QA teams continuously collaborate to ensure any identified issue gets fixed in a timely manner.

Regression Testing

We will make sure to check any patches or new features to identify and fix any potential errors before going to production.


Our QA team will get accustomed to any new platform and your specific environment to ensure optimal testing.

User Acceptance

We will work with your business users to try the system out and make sure everything is up to your standards and working as designed.

CRM - SugarCRM, wMobile for GoldMine CRM, GoldMine CRM

Your CRM Should Make More Money Than It Costs

With CRM at the center of sales and marketing solutions, we’re making low ROI a thing of the past. W-Systems works with leading partners including SugarCRM and GoldMine to build its customers sales and marketing solutions based on CRM.

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Marketing: Act-On, Costant Contact, Salesforce Pardot, Salesfusion, ThriveHive

Build Engagement, Drive Conversions, and Prove Revenue

Convert more leads, enable your sales reps, and align your sales and marketing teams with our marketing services and tools. With Marketing solutions and services like Act-On, you can reach the right buyers and convert more leads.

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Document Automation: DocuSign Electronic Signature, wDocs for SugarCRM, wDrive for SugarCRM

Go Paperless and Accelerate Your Business

Automate document processes, collect electronic signatures, and speed up your sales cycle. We build Document Automation solutions within your CRM and then work with best in class tools such as DocuSign, wDocs, and wDrive to help you further automate your document creation and storage processes.

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Business Intelligence: Amazon QuickSight, wBenchmark, Addoptify Customer Journey Plug-In for SugarCRM

Managing Relationships Means Mastering Data

You don’t have to be a data scientist (or a millionaire) to see the benefits of your data. With Business Intelligence solutions such as Amazon QuickSight and wBenchmark, you can blend data from different sources, build complex visualizations of data, and process large data sets without bogging down your CRM system.

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Communications: Vonage Business, Riva CRM Integration, Collabspot

Collect Communication Data in One Central Location

Collect and manage communications data without driving your team crazy with Vonage, a full-featured business phone and VoIP system and email integration with Riva CRM Integration or Collabspot.

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Cloud Computing: Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Build and Scale Your Business on Amazon

W-Systems offers reliable, scalable, and inexpensive cloud computing services including app hosting, storage, analytics, or security and compliance services. Our partnership with Amazon Web Services (AWS) allows you to run your software on a secure and scalable platform that is engineered to meet the needs of any organization.

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Communication and Diplomacy

"Communication and diplomacy are key in our QA team. Our department prides itself on being able to work with testers to identify bugs, their failure cases and impact. If we do not have an open dialogue of communication, we will not be able to deliver the results."

Alexandra Voiculescu, Quality Assurance Manager

Making Sure to Meet Your Needs

“We recommend that your project team, as well as your champions and real business users are in the system, pressing buttons, and making sure everything is meeting your needs and working as designed.”

Chris Meyer, Consulting Manager

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Whenever I reach out with an issue it is addressed in a professional manner and for the most part in a quick time frame.
Amy Brake CRM Administrator, AVX Corporation

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We chose W-Systems over larger providers because they gave us the flexibility of working with everybody from top management to the developers themselves at any given time.
Higinio O. Maycotte Director of Technology, The Texas Tribune

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