Release Notes

wMobile February 2019 Release

Released on February 27th, 2019


New Features

  • 2940 : Added the ability to Auto-Copy emails to GoldMine.
    • Create an email rule in the wMobile Desktop and wMobile Phone websites, apply the proper filter and select CopyTo GM action. 
  • 3948 : Added Local Email Rules support for incoming emails in wMobile Desktop and wMobile Phone.
    • Email rules can be created/edited from the Edit Email Account page.
    • The rule triggers if its condition is validated, and then the rule runs its designated action.
    • The rule triggers for each incoming email when fetching by clicking on the Check Mail action from the wMobile websites, or by the wEmailFetcher auto-scan.
  • 4015 : Improved performance in the wManager Console when using the Clear Email Cache action.
  • 4021 : Improved the wMobile Desktop simple calendar export and added export formats: CSV, Excel, PDF.

Defects Fixed

  • 6443 : wMobile did not recognize field metadata for custom contact fields created in separate contact sets.
  • 6460 : Unable to edit email templates in wMobile Desktop.
  • 6465 : Error when trying to view/download an inline attachment from a template created in GoldMine.
  • 6501 : FTP errors when archiving emails on uploading attachments if attachment's name contains braces { }.
  • 6507 : Inline template attachments were visible in the Attachment box when applying a template in wMobile Desktop.
  • 6508 : Upgrading wMobile from 3.1 to 4.1 removed permission settings for log files.
  • 6512 : Formatting errors for emails containing "quoted-printable" encoded inline attachments after moving to GoldMine.
  • 6513 : Display issues when viewing an email in a separate window in wMobile Desktop.
  • 6515 : The owner field was not preserved when cloning a contact in wMobile Desktop.
  • 6516 : The main toolbar shifted up in wMobile Desktop's Compose Email page in some cases.
  • 6522 : Inline images issues when viewing emails. Font size formatting issue when composing an email in wMobile Desktop.
  • 6523 : Some emails with attachments were not visible after moving to GoldMine.

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