Release Notes

wMobile December 2018 Release

Released on December 10th, 2018


New Features

  • 3990 : The GoldMine 'Not allow blank input' and 'Require valid input' fields are now highlighted in wMobile.
  • 3996 : Added the ability to display the primary email and website in the Pending Activity view.
    • wMobile users can now choose which contact fields to display in the Pending/History Activity view. This feature is available in the Manager Console: UserOptions → Phone → Activities → PendingActivityViewExtraFields/HistoryActivityViewExtraFields.
  • 3997 : A system setting has been added to bypass user password complexity rules.
    • The 'EnablePasswordComplexityRules' system setting controls whether GoldMine (2018.2 or higher) password rules are taken in account nor not. The setting is found at: System Settings→ Configuration → Common → Security → Account Policies → Password Policy.
  • 3999 : wMobile has been updated to match the W-Systems brand .
  • 4004 : Added new wDiag check validation for SysDir and RealINI paths from gm.ini files.
  • 4008 : Added GoldMine version information in the wDiag report.

Defects Fixed

  • 6389 : The owner could not be edited when copying an email account from the wMobile Manager Console.
  • 6419 : Opportunity fields did not require input when enabling the 'Not allow blank input' and 'Force valid input' options.
  • 6449 : The wMobileUpdates shortcut icon used HTTP protocol to download new sources.
    • HTTP has been replaced with HTTPS to prevent antivirus solutions from detecting a false positive.
  • 6464 : The wMobileManagerConsole LicenseInfo.License count field did not display its value properly when the 'Disable Password Decryption' flag is set.
  • 6474 : The wMobile Phone lookup textbox did not work properly on 'Code' and 'Result' fields when trying to complete an activity.
  • 6475 : Error when trying to save an opportunity/project without the 'Actual close' date completed.
  • 6477 : Email duplication check fails if the GoldMine version version was higher than 9.

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