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Discover Web Based Desktop and Mobile Client for GoldMine®

CRM for mobile allows you to interact with your device by making it possible for you to contact prospects and customers while on the go. wMobile offers both a mobile and desktop user interface. 

The wMobile product is a web-based client for GoldMine based CRM systems. Users access wMobile from their desktop computer, tablet or phone. wMobile enables GoldMine users to access the functionality of GoldMine in a lightweight web client.

GoldMine is registered and published by Ivanti.

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wMobile starting from $295 ($59 for maintenance)

Latest Articles

How to Manage Your Password in wMobile 4.1

by Lynn Catterson on January 23, 2019

We have updated wMobile's Password Management, in large part for compatibility with GoldMine 2018.2's data security updates. Find out what's been changed! Read More »

wMobile 2018 Recap, Year in Review

by Lynn Catterson on January 2, 2019

Take a look at some of the highlights of wMobile in 2018. Read More »

wMobile’s SMS Notification Service

by Mihai Marinescu on November 29, 2018

wMobile can now send SMS notifications to its users. Find out how to set up your own messages for your business. Read More »

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wMobile User Group: Managing Document Access for wMobile

Our upcoming webinar will cover Managing Document Access for wMobile.

Feb 27
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Recent Releases

wMobile December 2018 Release

Released on December 10th, 2018

The wMobile update for December 2018 includes logo and branding updates, the ability to customize which fields to display in the Pending/History Activity view, and more. It also addresses issues identified in prior releases.

wMobile November 2018 Release

Released on November 8th, 2018

The wMobile update for November 2018 includes improvements to several tabs (Contact, Case, Opportunity, Project Notes), and an Address field in wMobile Phone to be used when adding an event to the local calendar.

wMobile September 2018 Release

Released on September 3rd, 2018

The wMobile update for September 2018 includes GoldMine's 2018.2 password policies, the ability to rename tabs in wMobile Desktop, adding/editing secondary email addresses to a contact in wMobile Phone, and more. It also addresses issues identified in previous wMobile versions.

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