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Wireless Access to GoldMine® from any Mobile Device

Discover Web Based Desktop and Mobile Client for GoldMine®

CRM for mobile allows you to interact with your device by making it possible for you to contact prospects on the go. wMobile offers both a mobile and user interface. 

The wMobile product is a web-based client for GoldMine based CRM systems. Users access wMobile from their desktop computer, tablet or phone. wMobile enables GoldMine users to access the functionality of GoldMine in a lightweight web client.

GoldMine is registered and published by HEAT Software.

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Latest Articles

wMobile Blog

Auto-Filing Email using the wMobile Fetcher Service

By Lynn Catterson | November 25th

wMobile has the capability of automatically filing incoming and outgoing emails to GoldMine History, based on a matching email address. Read More »

wMobile Blog

Zip Code Entry in wMobile Desktop

By Lynn Catterson | November 7th

Zip Code functionality has been added to Desktop so when a user enters a zip code, the city and state will be automatically populated. Read More »

wMobile Blog

October 2016 wMobile User Group Meeting Recap

By Sarah Friedlander Garcia | October 28th

On October 26th, we had our wMobile Online User Group Meeting focused on the topic: Using Email in wMobile Phone. Read More »

wMobile Blog

Duplicate Detection Settings in wMobile (Contacts)

By Fred Block | October 19th

When creating new or editing existing contact record, learn how wMobile provides control over duplication. Read More »

wMobile Blog

Clearing Cache in the wMobile Manager Console

By Ionut Tufis | October 6th

A new feature has been added in Manager Console to clear cache for all wMobile applications. Read More »

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Web Training

Customizing wMobile

How to customize wMobile Phone and Desktop editions.

Dec 22
Web Training

wMobile Phone User Training

How to use wMobile Phone and Adjust User Settings

Dec 27
Web Training

wMobile Desktop Training

How to log into wMobile Desktop, Creating One-Click Login and more.

Jan 10
Web Training

wMobile Admin Training

User and security administration

Jan 24
Web Training

How to use wMobile Phone and Adjust User Settings

Overview of wMobile Phone including searching for contacts, creating new contacts, calendar and more.

Feb 02
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Recent Releases

wMobile October 2016 Release

Released on October 13th, 2016

The October release adds 1 new feature and 7 fixes.

wMobile September 2016 Release

Released on September 16th, 2016

The September release adds 7 new features and 3 fixes.

wMobile August 2016 Release

Released on August 29th, 2016

The August release adds 12 new features and 8 fixes.

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