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Release Notes

wCare September 2017 Update

Released on September 26th, 2017

Custom Buttons

  • Added suport for wCalendar
  • Fixed 'Related' function issue
  • The following functions' results were not saved in the calculated field: getDropdownKeySet, createList and getDropdownValueSet
  • Fixed 'Timestamp' function not returning any results
  • Fixed 'Update Field' action not saving its formula
  • Fixed issue ocurring when saving a button
  • Fixed issue ocurring when presetting values

Custom Results per Module Dropdown

  • Fixed 'Results per page' dropdown list getting duplicated multiple times after making changes in Studio
  • Dropdown values can now be edited
  • Added 'Loading' message when changing how many results per page are displayed using the dropdown

Drill Down Report Chart Dashlet

  • Removed deprecated code
  • Previews now close on the second click, similar to Sugar's functionality

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