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Get important insights fast with Sugar Discover, the sales analytics tool that helps you understand historical trends and forecast future revenues.

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Sugar Discover

SugarCRM Sugar Discover is an analytics platform, leveraging on machine learning (ML)  and artificial intelligence (AI), to help sales reps and sales teams, identify sales opportunities in their sales pipeline helping them generate more accurate sales for

Revenue Analytics Has Never Been so Easy — or So Thorough

Sugar Discover isn’t like the other sales analytics tools you’ve encountered. This radical new approach tracks hundreds of metrics and automatically alerts you when it finds issues or opportunities. Going a step further, Discover also provides root cause analysis for its findings without you having to do anything. That’s “no-touch” in action!

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What Can You Do with Sugar Discover?

Detect Changes

Automated alerts keep you on top of significant changes in your sales metrics so you can take proactive action.

Rewind History

Detailed historical records make it easy to understand trends and predict the future of your business.

Keep Things Simple

Discover provides real value from day one with extensive out-of-the-box content and no need for complicated setup and integration.

Sugar Discover supports hundreds of metrics and KPIs and an extensive set of business intelligence tools; visualize sales data, gross sales, sales returns, and net profit has never been easier.

Understand Performance Immediately

Sugar Discover comes with hundreds of out-of-the-box metrics and commonly used KPIs to eliminate the need to build your own analytical database, learn a complicated tool, or hire a data scientist.

SugarCRM Discover simplify big data collection, raw data processing, data analysis, data interpretation, and data representation.

AI Insights in Seconds

A never-ending flow of automated analysis coupled with a complete historical record keeps critical information at your fingertips. If activity is significantly above or below targets or historical patterns, you’ll be alerted immediately with actionable intelligence before your business realizes a shift.

SugarDiscover is the ideal data analytics tool (bi solution) reporting and charting accurately, effectively and efficiently sales data gathered from multiple data sources and different systems.

Revenue Analytics Made Easy

Easy-to-use features are designed to empower users to make use of their data, instead of merely organizing views. Simple formatting, robust filters, and drag-and-drop capabilities make it easy for Sales to answer their most important questions.

SugarDiscover makes business intelligence (bi), sales data analysis, sales data representation easy.

More BI, Less BS

When you’re ready for even more, sophisticated analytics tools let you move past reports and graphs to hone in on the specific business factors that are impacting performance. Sugar Discover eliminates the need for complicated data ETL and begins uncovering relevant information immediately.

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W-Systems knows SugarCRM Sugar Discover inside out. With hundreds of business intelligence implementation projects under its belt, W-System is the best technology partner choice; W-Systems is properly equipped to correctly assist and guide companies, of a

Sugar Discover Datasheet

Find out how Sugar Discover can extract predictive customer insights - with zero effort!

W-Systems is a SugarCRM Elite Partner award winning of the SugarCRM Global Reseller of the Year

Sugar Discover's price is 50% of the total list price for a customer’s Sell, Enterprise, or Pro instance.

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