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Optimize Your Customer Engagement

Sugar offers solutions that will help you better understand your customers and effectively optimize each customer engagement to meet your customer's goals and achieve yours in turn.

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Customer Success

Improve Your Customer Experience

Customer success isn’t defined by internal sales and service metrics. It's measured by the value that customers receive from the relationship they have with your business. Strengthening that relationship requires you to adopt the customer’s perspective and to guide the customer in achieving their goals.

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Only Sugar Brings Together the Essential Components to Help You Build Lifelong Customer Success

Most “CRM” solutions are really just sales automation tools - designed for tracking and closing opportunities. However, in a world where recurring revenue and repeat business are more important than ever - you need a solution that manages the entire customer relationship in one simple, yet powerful interface.

Seamlessly integrated sales and support modules provide holistic views into the entire customer history. Reports and dashboards provide real-time insight for customer success managers, allowing them to spot issues at the micro and macro level before they become critical. Sugar’s unique combination of advanced workflow and customer journey management enables you to empower all employees with the data and tools they need to meet any customer need, anytime in the customer lifecycle.

The flexibility and power of Sugar allow your business to better attract and retain customers in any environment, doing more to build repeatable revenue with less effort and expense.

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