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More Than Sales Force Automation

Today, CRM is so much more than sales force automation. For many, it is the single source of truth about people (external and internal), companies (prospects, customers, vendors) and critical process data.

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What is CRM360?

Thanks to the affordability and flexibility of today’s CRM solutions, organizations can leverage CRM as a single platform for storing and sharing data across the enterprise. It touches all corners of an organization, integrating front and back ­office functions as well as 3rd-­party systems. Employees across the enterprise gain deeper visibility into the people they interact with, providing a higher level of engagement across the board.

At W-Systems, we call this modern reality CRM360—the concept of leveraging data, systems and processes to provide a complete, 360-degree picture of prospects and customers at every stage.

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How Does CRM360 Work?

Although this is a constantly evolving process within every organization, there are a few components that form the core of this strategy:

  • Data Services – You must have an integrated data source for the acquisition and enrichment of data within your CRM. Stale data significantly reduces adoption and directly attributes to unsuccessful sales and marketing campaigns.
  • Marketing Automation (MA) – Whether you’re using your built­-in CRM campaign tool or a more robust 3rd­-party application, an integrated marketing automation system can dramatically improve sales success rates.
  • Business Process Management (BPM) – Often overlooked or under-utilized, BPM can significantly streamline processes through the use of automation. With a powerful BPM tool, even the most complex manual task can be automated.
  • Customer Support – The journey doesn’t end once they sign the deal; in fact, it’s only just beginning. A customer support module is critical to ensure the on­going success for your customers to keep them coming back.
  • Data Analytics – With all of these external systems and vast amounts of data, it is critical that your organization have the ability to quickly run reports to pinpoint areas of success or potential vulnerability.
  • Data Management – Essential to the CRM360 strategy is your CRM platform. This is the central nervous system to how your organization will manage data and collaborate across the enterprise.
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