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The most adaptable CRM platform on the planet.

Running your business like your competition isn’t good enough. You can’t afford to be burdened with issues such as poor user adoption, proprietary restrictions, and hidden costs. You need a CRM solution that will enable you to differentiate your business from everyone else not just copy them.

Sugar is a complete CRM platform that collects every bit of critical information across marketing, sales and service. Sugar easily integrates with any application in your environment. It delivers all this value through a modern user experience that can be personalized by each individual in your business and is optimized for use on devices those individuals use every day.

Industry-Leading CRM at an Affordable Price Point

With Sugar, companies get a clear and simple price – with no hidden fees or forced upgrades.

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CRM for Sales

Optimize Every Sales Engagement

Maximize your sales productivity. Increase win rates in your sales pipeline with personalized dashboards and personal productivity tools. Get rich customer insight and collaborative selling tools.

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CRM for Customer Service

Deliver Exceptional Support

Provide exceptional service and support by using Sugar for rapid customer insight and real-time collaboration. Understand and meet customer needs, whether from a help desk, a call center, or a social media community.

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CRM for Marketing

Deliver Personalized Marketing

Attract more prospects and create more opportunities with less effort. Engage with your customers at an individual level through relevant, actionable insights. Optimize future marketing efforts by clearly capturing and understanding the return on your marketing spend.

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CRM for IT

Data Is Your Four-Letter Word

From managing data and privacy to delivering the technology stack that gives your business the edge, IT professionals need a CRM that's flexible, secure and scales without hiccups. Future-proof your implementation with a CRM platform that will allow you to evolve in an ever-changing business landscape.

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Mobile CRM

Empower your Mobile Workforce

SugarCRM Mobile puts your customer information at your fingertips no matter where you are. With SugarCRM Mobile’s native apps for popular phones and tablets, you’ll have the details you need for a productive customer engagement.

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CRM Industry's Most Flexible Platform

Sugar delivers the flexibility, agility, and simplicity to make it your own. Run your Sugar anywhere you want -- hosted and managed by SugarCRM or by one of our partners in the cloud or deploy on a public cloud or on-premise. Automate complex business processes. Rapidly develop and deliver a solution that is custom-built for your organization.

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SugarCRM starting from $40 per user per month