Knowledge Base

Provide exceptional customer care experience when you make it easy for your customers to find relevant answers quickly. Improve productivity of your customer support team.

Knowledge Base enables your teams to create, maintain, and publish articles. Share custom business and product information through an easy-to-use interface. Easily transfer details from a support case record to create a knowledge base article Leverage all your created Knowledge Base articles for internal reference or publish externally for your customers to access via the Sugar Self-Service Portal.

Knowledge Base gives you a purpose-designed user interface for managing simple, non-technical content. Easily post, link, edit and delete content. Manage the content staging process - new material can be reviewed by a manager who approves and posts the content.

Knowledge Base module contains a number of stock fields which come out-of-the-box with Sugar. The default fields can be leveraged differently to best meet your organization's needs.

Empower your customer support agents to easily search, tag and categorize the content. Help your customer support team deliver helpful answers and guidance to your customers every time.

Allow your self-service customers to search for content and rate the articles. Improve your all customer care experience.

SugarCRM starting from $40 per user per month