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Activity Streams

CRM Activity Streams are available on the home page or at the module and record level so each user can learn and act on the most relevant information.

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Case Management and Bug Tracking Solution

Sugar's Bug Tracker and Case Management solution allows you to prioritize issues and allocate cases based on support agent caseload and expertise.

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CRM Campaign Management

Sugar Campaign Wizard simplifies the development, execution, monitoring, and management of CRM campaigns to boost their effectiveness.

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CRM & Email and Calendar Integration

Sugar makes it easy for you to track customer emails, manage appointments and keep your calendars in sync with Sugar's seamless CRM integration features.

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CRM for G Suite

Share data with ease between Sugar and your favorite Google apps.

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CRM for Project Management

Build and manage Projects across Sales, Marketing, and Customer Support. Streamline the tasks necessary to get the job done with SugarCRM's project management feature.

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SugarCRM Lead Management

CRM for Sales Lead Management

Sugar's lead management software can help you identify the leads by segmenting them based on industry, channel, lead source, and geography.

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CRM Reporting & Dashboards

SugarCRM's CRM reporting capabilities help you manage customer relationships by giving real-time information about leads and opportunities.

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CRM for Sales Forecasting

Sugar's Forecasts help users gauge their real-time performance against their quotas and adapt quickly when needed.

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CRM Customization and Configuration

Sugar is a highly customizable CRM platform, customizations can vary from custom fields, modules, and code to 3rd party plug-ins.

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Quote Management Systems

Create quotes quickly and easily to streamline your sales cycle and increase deal velocity with SugarCRM Quote Management Systems.

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Knowledge Base Management

SugarCRM Knowledge Base feature enables teams to create, maintain and publish articles to make it easy for customers to find all the relevant information they need.

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Mobile CRM App

Sugar's Mobile CRM App lets you access your customer information on-the-go. The app is fully optimized for both iOS and Android phones and tablets.

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Multilingual and Multicurrency Support

Sugar supports more than 30 languages out of the box and provides a framework to add more.

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SugarBPM SugarCRM Automated Workflow


Increase efficiency and productivity across the organization with an enterprise-level CRM workflow automation toolset designed to automate critical customer-facing processes.

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Search, Filters and Tagging

Sugar's Search, Filters and Tagging feature makes finding the information you need easy so that you can spend more time acting on information and less time looking for information.

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Self-Service Portal

Sugar's Self-Service Portal enables quicker time to resolution and reduces overall case load.

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Service Console

Service Console, SugarCRM's customer support platform, makes it easy for support professionals to solve customer issues.

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Social CRM

Improve online collaboration and increase the productivity of your customer facing users with social media and CRM integrations.

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Teams, Roles and Security

Mitigate security concerns and reduce risks for your business with Sugar’s security features.

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