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Custom Sugar Enhancements and Integrations

Streamline your Sugar experience with wTools, our growing library of customizations.

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wTools: Sugar Customizations

wTools Custom SugarCRM Enhancements and Integrations

Meet wTools: Made by W‑Systems, with  

SugarCRM enables businesses to create customers for life with the world’s first intelligent, no touch customer experience (CX) platform. W-Systems offers a series of add-ons to Sugar to extend its core capabilities.

As we work with our customers to deploy Sugar within their organizations, our team of developers produce enhancements and integrations that showcase the full flexibility that Sugar offers.

As a W-Systems customer, take advantage of our growing library of customizations: wTools. And, if your business is using wCare, our On-Demand Service & Support package for Sugar, wTools is completely FREE!

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wTools Benefits

Quick Actions

Create shortcuts for your most often performed actions in Sugar and trigger them with a single click!

Enhanced Reporting

Get more options to display your reports, including a gauge or visual representation over time.

More Field Types

Highlight a record with notifications and embed external data, including videos or social media.

Improved Accessibility

Control how many records you need to see in your List View and create notes or calls on the fly!

Drill Down Report Chart Dashlet

This module adds a ‘Drill Down’ link to any Saved Report Chart  Dashlet placed on a dashboard. Clicking the link opens the related report in a new browser tab. It also allows users to click on any chart element to view its detailed data and lets them configure default chart element colors.

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Custom Buttons

Custom Buttons is a field type which can add buttons in dashlets, list and record view. This field type supports adding multiple actions on the same Custom Button and covers a variety of capabilities, reducing the time and hassle needed to go through manually through different menus to complete those actions.

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Gauge Chart Dashlet

This dashlet is configurable to measure a numeric field aggregate value from any module and display the results in a gauge type chart.

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Custom Notification Field Type

This customization adds a variation of a text field that allows the creation of special font and color formatted notifications on a record.

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Double Click to Edit List View Row

This module makes it faster to edit a row in list view mode. Double-click the row and it goes into edit mode, replacing the need to press the row action menu and the edit choice.

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Embedded Content Field

The Embedded Content Field allows users to embed social media content to records. It can also be modified to display custom content using Sugar module fields (i. e. create custom business cards).

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Sparkline List Dashlet

The Sparkline List Dashlet is a dashlet designed to be used on list views which enables users to view a list of records from a specific module in Sugar, along with graphic representation on top of each column.

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Colored Fields

The Colored Field functionality provides the ability to create new fields that have a background color set from another field or selected in particular for each one in Edit View.

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Custom Results per Module Dropdown

This dropdown menu lets Sugar users control the number of records displayed in a list view. The dropdown also saves the number of records you’ve chosen to view for each Module with a list view.

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Create Note Function in List View

The Create Note Function in List View adds a new 'Create Note' option to the row action menu in list view.

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Supported Platforms


Sell, Serve, Enterprise, Professional: 9.3.x


Enterprise & Professional: 7.9.x*, 8.0.x*, 9.0.x

*Note: W-Systems regularly updates wTools and introduces new features for the latest Sugar versions. Deprecated versions of wTools compatible with older Sugar releases may lack some of the features listed on this page.

W-Systems Knows Sugar

As a Top 5 Worldwide and Elite designated SugarCRM partner we have deployed Sugar to 100's of organizations. We are business analysts and developers, and we want to make Sugar fit your organization like a glove. Put us to the test, we love a challenge.

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We publish a wealth of tips, customization examples, and reviews of useful tools that work with Sugar. To learn more visit our blog.

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wTools Resources

wTools Datasheet

How can our wTools library help your organization get the most out of Sugar? Download this datasheet and find out!

wTools SugarCRM Customizations User Guide

wTools User Guide

Our wTools User Guide provides in-depth information about installation and usage of our custom Sugar modules.

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W-Systems is a SugarCRM Elite Partner award winning of the SugarCRM Global Reseller of the Year

wTools licenses are free for customers with wCare or $120 per year per license (min. 10 users), plus installation

20+ Years of Happy Clients

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CRMs are Personal and Complicated

CRMs are personal and complicated. With every project and every issue we have had, I feel that we were treated fairly and professionally. On the occasional misunderstanding or miscommunication, there was no gotcha but a desire to solve the issue fairly. The expertise level is high. Very good and respectful service.

Star iconStar iconStar iconStar iconStar icon

The Entire Team Works Hard

The entire team at W-Systems works hard to make sure you are satisfied with their service - be it resolving technical issues or implementing new technologies! BIG thumbs up!

Star iconStar iconStar iconStar iconStar icon

Second to None

We have found that W-Systems' knowledge and response time is second to none. They are always willing to take the time and use the necessary resources needed to answer our questions, resolve our issues and teach us whatever we need to learn. They are patient, informative and proactive.

Star iconStar iconStar iconStar iconStar icon

Great CRM Partner!

We brought on W-Systems to take on a very complicated CRM upgrade. We chose W-Systems due to their knowledge around our system, and they had the resources to execute. Their PMs, dev team, customer service, and sales teams were all top-notch and responsive to our needs and feature requests. I'd recommend W-Systems to any company looking for a SugarCRM partner.

Star iconStar iconStar iconStar iconStar icon

Excellent Partner!

Responsive, helpful, thoughtful. They have been exactly opposite (in as positive of a way as possible) of the typical software sales approach. W-Sytems created my happiness with CRM.

Star iconStar iconStar iconStar iconStar icon

Stellar Service

We have worked with W-Systems for many years. Their service is stellar on every level, including the expertise and caring of their staff members.

Star iconStar iconStar iconStar iconStar icon

Simply Amazing!

W-Systems has been truly amazing. The staff is extremely knowledgeable and friendly. They really go the extra mile to help you through the process, and always do their best to make your vision a reality instead of just taking the easy way out. We are super pleased and look forward to continued business together.

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Great Coding and Good Service!

Our company has used W-Systems for about a year now for customization of our SugarCRM Cloud environment. It's been a pleasure working with a group of developers that get the job done right the first time. From the Director of Sales to the Ops Manager to the programmers... all our first class.

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Great People to Work With

W-Systems has great people to work with. They really took the time to understand our business and help us move into CRM best practices. They are reliable and helpful. SugarCRM was also a great decision for our team. The product functions as we had hoped and is easy to self-manage for day to day items.

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In this webinar, see how to go beyond Sugar’s out-of-the-box features and streamline your team’s daily CRM workflow with our collection of Sugar customizations.

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Create Note Function in List View

August 7th, 2018   •   2 minute read

One of our Sugar add-ons from wTools enables you to create and attach notes to records from any module directly from List View.

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Custom Buttons

May 30th, 2017   •   4 minute read

Custom Buttons, an addition to wTools, is a field type which can add buttons in dashlets, list and record view.

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Training & Events

Sugar University

Getting Started with Roles, Permissions, & the iFrame

In this course you'll learn the essentials of Sugar Market roles & permissions.

Recent Releases

March 26, 2020

wTools March 2020 Update

The March 2020 wTools Update includes improvements and fixes for two Sugar customizations: Custom Buttons and Drill Down Report Chart Dashlet.

February 26, 2020

wTools February 2020 Update

The February 2020 wTools Update includes improvements and fixes for two Sugar customizations: Custom Buttons and Drill Down Report Chart Dashlet.

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