Sugar Integration to Bing Maps

View any list of Sugar accounts, contacts, leads, targets, opportunities or any other Sugar module plotted on a map with wMaps. 

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wMaps: Sugar Integration to Bing Maps

wMaps: Sugar Integration to Bing Maps

Meet wMaps: Sugar Integration to Bing Maps

SugarCRM enables businesses to create customers for life with the world’s first intelligent, no touch customer experience (CX) platform. W-Systems offers a series of add-ons to Sugar to extend its core capabilities.

Using wMaps, our integration to Microsoft Bing Maps you can view any list of Sugar accounts, contacts, leads, targets, opportunities or any other Sugar module plotted on a map.

You will also be able to see quickly what accounts or leads are in closest proximity to each other and plot the results on a map or generate directions for a visit. The maps we generate are content-rich and can incorporate details from your Sugar records directly on the maps.

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wMaps Benefits

Filter by Distance

Filter records by specifying the distance (miles or kilometers) from a zip code's center point.

Map Sugar Records

wMaps can display records on map, and generate driving directions as well.

Customization Options

As long as a module has address fields, you can enable wMaps for any standard or custom module.


Using wMobile for SugarCRM? You can access wMaps' functionality on the go!

Search Sugar Records by Distance from Postal Code

Search Sugar Records by Distance from Postal Code

You are holding an event and would like to invite all customers within 50 miles from the event location.

With wMaps you can filter accounts list view using a new Distance search option and specify distance from a postal code's center point.

You can save the result set to a Sugar target list for marketing purposes.

Map Sugar Filtered Records

Map Sugar Filtered Records

You would like to see the distribution of customers or prospects in a specific territory.

With Sugar you can create a filter in the accounts module to list the customers in a specific territory.

wMaps can display the result of that list as pushpins on a map.

wMaps Map Current Records screenshot

Map Current Records

You have a new prospective account and would like to get some geographic context and take a look at their office building.

wMaps can produce a map that can be zoomed in all the way to the aerial photo detail of the building or location in question.

Generate Optimum Driving Directions screenshot

Generate Optimum Driving Directions

You are planning to travel in your sales territory and would like to plan the best sequence of account visits.

From a filtered list in Sugar, select the specific accounts you would like to visit.

wMaps can generate optimal directions and display the directions on a map.  

The directions can be emailed to your phone to integrate with maps on the phone.

wMaps Show Closest Records screesnhot

Show Closest Records

You are visiting a customer and would like to see a list of the closest prospective customers or other customers so you can plan some additional stops.

wMaps will calculate the relative distance between the current record and all other records, and then show you the closest ones.

From the list of closest records you can place them on a map or generate optimum driving directions.

w-maps Send to Mobile Device feature

Send to Mobile Device

You have generated a map or directions and want to be able to send them to your own phone or a colleagues phone.

Any wMap can be sent to your phone via email.  In the top right of a map or directions screen there will be a Send via Email button.  Press this link to generate an email with a link to the map that can be opened on your phone.

w-maps Draw on Maps feature

Draw on Maps

You need to further modify your generated maps with custom maps or areas.

Maps can now be customized with objects such as lines, shapes and pushpins. All modifications can be saved and accessed for later use.

wMaps Field and Dashlet

wMaps Field and Dashlet

If you need quick access to a record's mapped location in Record View, wMaps includes a field and dashlet that support multiple display views, including Road, Aerial, Street Side, and Bird's Eye.

Save Maps feature for wMaps

Save Maps

You can create and customize as many maps as needed. These maps can then be saved, and accessed at any time from Sugar.

Filter by Drawing

Filter by Drawing

You can select an area on the map and all the records in that area will automatically generate. It also allows saving the filter for later use.

Manually Geocode Records feature

Manually Geocode Records

You need fast and accurate access to a record's location on the map.

Geocode Records Manually allows you to pinpoint an exact address on the map for better accuracy.

Enable wMaps for Any Module

Enable wMaps for Any Module

You can enable wMaps for any module by simply mapping the module either by address or by a related record.

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As a Top 5 Worldwide and Elite designated SugarCRM partner we have deployed Sugar to 100's of organizations. We are business analysts and developers, and we want to make Sugar fit your organization like a glove. Put us to the test, we love a challenge.

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wMaps Resources

wMaps Datasheet

Download this datasheet to learn about wMaps' core features capabilities.


wMaps Online Manual

Our wMaps Online Manual provides in-depth information about installation, usage, and even provides examples of document templates.

Learn More

wMaps - Installation and Use Guide

Need help installing and using wMaps? Download our in-depth Guide!

W-Systems is a SugarCRM Elite Partner award winning of the SugarCRM Global Reseller of the Year

wMaps costs $120 per year per license (min. 10 users) plus installation.

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Stellar Service

We have worked with W-Systems for many years. Their service is stellar on every level, including the expertise and caring of their staff members.

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Excellent Partner!

Responsive, helpful, thoughtful. They have been exactly opposite (in as positive of a way as possible) of the typical software sales approach. W-Sytems created my happiness with CRM.

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The Entire Team Works Hard

The entire team at W-Systems works hard to make sure you are satisfied with their service - be it resolving technical issues or implementing new technologies! BIG thumbs up!

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W-Systems is Wonderful!

W-Systems installed our system and has been wonderful about working with us over a long period of time when something went wrong.

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Great Coding and Good Service!

Our company has used W-Systems for about a year now for customization of our SugarCRM Cloud environment. It's been a pleasure working with a group of developers that get the job done right the first time. From the Director of Sales to the Ops Manager to the programmers... all our first class.

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Great People to Work With

W-Systems has great people to work with. They really took the time to understand our business and help us move into CRM best practices. They are reliable and helpful. SugarCRM was also a great decision for our team. The product functions as we had hoped and is easy to self-manage for day to day items.

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Great CRM Partner!

We brought on W-Systems to take on a very complicated CRM upgrade. We chose W-Systems due to their knowledge around our system, and they had the resources to execute. Their PMs, dev team, customer service, and sales teams were all top-notch and responsive to our needs and feature requests. I'd recommend W-Systems to any company looking for a SugarCRM partner.

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CRMs are Personal and Complicated

CRMs are personal and complicated. With every project and every issue we have had, I feel that we were treated fairly and professionally. On the occasional misunderstanding or miscommunication, there was no gotcha but a desire to solve the issue fairly. The expertise level is high. Very good and respectful service.

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There Will Be Issues!

I highly recommend W-Systems. We have a complex solution that integrates numerous different software application and databases. This requires several different team members at W-Systems for support. Their knowledge and ability to work together provide the timely support I need. I’m not surprised there are challenges and issues with the complex technology support I ask from them, what is surprising is they always keep it working. Thank you!

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