Enhanced Interaction Management in Sugar

Get quick access to all of your customer interactions in Sugar and boost employee productivity with wActivities.

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wActivities: Enhanced Interaction Management

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Meet wActivities: Enhanced Interaction Management for Sugar

SugarCRM enables businesses to create customers for life with the world’s first intelligent, no touch customer experience (CX) platform. W-Systems offers a series of add-ons to Sugar to extend its core capabilities.

Get quick access to all of your customer interactions and boost employee productivity with wActivities. Our Sugar customization aggregates Calls, Meetings, Emails, Tasks, Cases, Notes, and any custom activities in a single place, effectively reducing the time and clicks spent on daily activity planning and review.

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wActivities Benefits

Less Clicking

wActivities collects your Sugar activities in two subpanels, significantly reducing the time it takes to check your planned and past activities.

Quickly Find Activities

The wActivities subpanels allow you to search or filter through your team's schedules and activities

Enhanced Relationships

Add additional modules where the activity records will be displayed, such as viewing a support call in the account record.

Multi-Module Reporting

Report data from multiple modules, such as reporting on every activity type your support team has had on a weekly basis.

Easily Access Your Activities

wActivities collects past and upcoming Calls, Meetings, Emails, Tasks, Notes, and any custom Sugar activities in two filter-enabled subpanels for quick and easy access, significantly reducing the time it takes to check your planned and past activities.

Search and Filter Activities

The Activities and History subpanels allow you to create filters and quickly get an overview of your team's schedules and actions. You also have the ability to search for specific activity records using search keywords in the subject or description.

wActivities Add Custom Modules From SugarCRM Admin

In-Depth Customization Options

Go beyond standard Sugar activities—wActivities can be configured to sync with custom modules, allowing you to tailor your activities for your business needs.

enhanced module relationships screenshot

Enhanced Module Relationships

Enhanced module relationships enable you to add additional modules where the activity records will be displayed. For instance, logging a call to a support case will also automatically link the call to the related account and allow you to quickly view the call activity in the account record.

Quickly Create Any Activity

The Activities and History subpanels include Create actions for all of your activity types, allowing you to plan and log your calls, meetings, tasks, and much more with just a few clicks. You can also customize your available actions, and the default Create action.

Improved SugarCRM Historical Summary

Enhanced Historical Summary

wActivities includes an enhanced version of Sugar's out-of-the-box Historical Summary, allowing you to create filters for your activities, and sort by fields.

wActivities Report in SugarCRM

Report on Multiple Modules

As wActivities collects aggregates all of your interactions in a single modules, it enables you to report data from multiple modules, such as reporting on every activity type your support team has had on a weekly basis.

wActivities Historical Narrative in SugarCRM

Detailed Historical Narrative

If you need to take a more in-depth look at your activities and interactions, the Historical Narrative panel includes the full content of your records, including file attachments.

Customize wActivities subpanels in SugarCRM Admin

In-Depth Subpanels Customization

The Activities and History subpanels included in our interaction management customization for Sugar enable you to update filters, actions, labels, and much more.

W-Systems Knows Sugar

As a Top 5 Worldwide and Elite designated SugarCRM partner we have deployed Sugar to 100's of organizations. We are business analysts and developers, and we want to make Sugar fit your organization like a glove. Put us to the test, we love a challenge.

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wActivities Resources

wActivities for SugarCRM Datasheet Cover

wActivities - Datasheet

Learn more about the core features and capabilities of wActivities.


wActivities costs $120 per year per license (min. 10 users) plus installation

20+ Years of Happy Clients

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The Entire Team Works Hard

The entire team at W-Systems works hard to make sure you are satisfied with their service - be it resolving technical issues or implementing new technologies! BIG thumbs up!

Star iconStar iconStar iconStar iconStar icon

Instrumental in our Upgrade

Mark was instrumental in our upgrade to the latest version of GoldMine. Not only did Mark do the data conversion but he has subsequently resolved several issues that have surfaced with the GoldMine alarms & the daily backup process. Mark has been very accommodating to any contact I have made to either ask questions or resolve an issue. Previously we have worked with Bob thru the years to support our GM application and again very pleased with the support offered by Bob. I would highly recommend W-Systems Corp. for support.

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Great People to Work With

W-Systems has great people to work with. They really took the time to understand our business and help us move into CRM best practices. They are reliable and helpful. SugarCRM was also a great decision for our team. The product functions as we had hoped and is easy to self-manage for day to day items.

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Stellar Service

We have worked with W-Systems for many years. Their service is stellar on every level, including the expertise and caring of their staff members.

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CRMs are Personal and Complicated

CRMs are personal and complicated. With every project and every issue we have had, I feel that we were treated fairly and professionally. On the occasional misunderstanding or miscommunication, there was no gotcha but a desire to solve the issue fairly. The expertise level is high. Very good and respectful service.

Star iconStar iconStar iconStar iconStar icon

There Will Be Issues!

I highly recommend W-Systems. We have a complex solution that integrates numerous different software application and databases. This requires several different team members at W-Systems for support. Their knowledge and ability to work together provide the timely support I need. I’m not surprised there are challenges and issues with the complex technology support I ask from them, what is surprising is they always keep it working. Thank you!

Star iconStar iconStar iconStar iconStar icon

W-Systems is Wonderful!

W-Systems installed our system and has been wonderful about working with us over a long period of time when something went wrong.

Star iconStar iconStar iconStar iconStar icon

An Excellent Partner for Enhancements and Resources

Our experience with the team has been nothing but positive. They are a valuable resource for SugarCRM integrations and enhancements as well as day-to-day support. Our Account Manager has always shared relevant and engaging content and there is a wealth of webinars and knowledge shared throughout the year by the company. A+++

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Great CRM Partner!

We brought on W-Systems to take on a very complicated CRM upgrade. We chose W-Systems due to their knowledge around our system, and they had the resources to execute. Their PMs, dev team, customer service, and sales teams were all top-notch and responsive to our needs and feature requests. I'd recommend W-Systems to any company looking for a SugarCRM partner.

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