Relationship Analytics for Sugar

Innovative Relationship Intelligence

TrustSphere’s Relationship Analytics is a complementary solution designed to work easily and seamlessly as part of your Sugar. 

It provides previously unavailable levels of insight into the true activity between your organization and your customer/prospects. By analyzing email and voice interactions (never the content, just the interactions) and then automatically pushing the resulting analytics into Sugar, the entire sales management process is transformed.

TrustSphere's experience shows that sales professionals right across the organization benefit significantly from the use of these analytics and deliver significantly better results, including: 

  • Never Being Blindsided Again
  • Improving Forecasting Accuracy
  • Preventing Revenue Leakage
  • Improving Sales Handovers
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TrustSphere at a Glance

Less than 10% of all customer interactions are ever entered into the CRM. This leaves a big gap in the CRM data which your team relies on to make decisions. TrustSphere delivers data extracted from any communications platform and injects the analytics directly into Sugar.

Typical results:

  • For every contact in the CRM, we find two more
  • 40% higher customer satisfaction
  • 74% increased forecast accuracy
  • 54% higher sales quota achievement
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Replace Cold Calls with Warm Introductions

LinksWithin enables you to leverage your organization’s combined social network to find the most relevant connections to an external company or individual. By accurately identifying the people within your organization who have an existing relationship with an external party, market-facing teams can work together in a more coordinated and effective way. Whilst social networking sites are great at telling you who might be connected, they are less effective at telling you who has a relationship. LinksWithin distinguishes between mere connections and current relationships in a simple query (or at the touch of a button).

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