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W-Systems Sugar Add-Ons

wCalendar: Advanced Calendar Configuration

With wCalendar, our event management solution for Sugar, keep track of your meetings, calls, and tasks with an easy-to-use interface that allows you to add, edit or remove events from your calendar with just a few clicks.

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wCare: Sugar Customizations

As we work with our customers to deploy Sugar within their organizations, our team of developers produce modules and integrations that showcase the full flexibility that Sugar offers. Explore our ever-expanding library of customizations for Sugar: wCare.

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wDocs: Sugar Document Automation

Meet wDocs, a tool to quickly create Microsoft Word templates that can be used to merge information from any module in Sugar into a presentation-quality documents.

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wMaps: Sugar Integration to Bing Maps

Using wMaps, our integration to Microsoft Bing Maps you can view any list of Sugar accounts, contacts, leads, targets, opportunities or any other Sugar module plotted on a map.

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Sugar Connector to DocuSign

Securely sign and manage documents directly from Sugar with the most widely used e-signature solution, DocuSign!

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