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Gmail, Google Calendar, and Google Apps for Sugar

Make better business decisions, faster.

We all spend more and more time in our email to run our business. Collabspot is the only Chrome Extension that provides Gmail users with 1 click access to Customers, Partners, Suppliers, Employees data from related business applications.

Collabspot makes it easy to access your contacts, accounts, opportunities, cases, and even tasks from right inside Gmail so you can stop switching back and forth between Sugar and Gmail and start closing more deals.

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Features at a glance

Close More Deals with 1-to-1 Marketing Automation

Harness the power of Email Templates, Email Tracking, Social Network Integration and Sales Reporting to receive timely cues to contact your leads and customers- at the right time with the right message.

Automate Data Syncing and Access Sugar 7 from Gmail Sidebar

One click and automatic syncing of contact data from Gmail to Sugar 7 and access all key Sugar 7 functions right inside Gmail Sidebar.

Quick and Easy CRM Adoption

Deliver automation and essential sales tools to your sales team where it matters. Collabspot brings Sugar 7 in Gmail Inbox where your salespeople spend most of their time.

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Starting from $9 per month