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With Sugar, you get a simple user interface, industry-leading customer experience, and an intuitive customization platform.

Why Sugar?

Designed for you Sugar provides an easy-to-use CRM interface focused on features that matter and nothing more.

Be Part of an Exceptional Customer Experience

We love our customers, and they love us. SugarCRM receives the highest Net Promoter Score across all major CRM vendors.

Easy to Deploy

Turn it on and go. Easily integrate with your existing IT fabric. Quickly customize to automate your unique business processes.

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W-Systems Knows Sugar

As a Top 5 Worldwide and Elite designated SugarCRM partner we have deployed Sugar to 100's of organizations. We are business analysts and developers, and we want to make Sugar fit your organization like a glove. Put us to the test, we love a challenge.

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SugarCRM starting from $40 per user per month

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Best Practices for Customizing Sugar

by Valentin Bratulescu on December 12, 2018

How would you customize Sugar for a school of super-coders training to fight the forces of bad customer experiences? Let's find out! Read More »

Sugar Integrations: Best Practices and Identity Management

by Andrei Voiculescu on December 6, 2018

There are many factors to consider when integrating with Sugar. Let's take a look at best practices and for building and improving upon your Sugar integrations. Read More »

The Ultimate Guide to Planning Your SugarCRM Strategy in 2019

by Katie Liesmann on December 3, 2018

Take a look at four things to incorporate into your CRM strategy as we approach 2019: end-of-life dates, upgrades, optimization & user training and onboarding. Read More »

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Upcoming Training & Events

Sugar Showcase: How to Get 10 Sugar Customizations for Free

On 12/18, go beyond Sugar’s out-of-the-box features and streamline your team’s daily CRM workflow!

Dec 18

Sugar New User Training

Learn to navigate in Sugar, customize the interface, update information, add new leads, convert leads and log activities.

Dec 18

Introduction to Sugar for End Users

This live virtual class will provide you with the tools necessary to use Sugar as a new End User.

Jan 08

Sugar Reporting

This live-virtual class will teach you how to use Sugar's Reports module to run the reports you need quickly and efficiently.

Jan 10
Online Presentation

SugarCRM Product Demo

Got questions about Sugar? Get a free demo of Sugar and discover a different kind of CRM.

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Recent Releases

SugarCRM Mobile SDK 6.3.1

Released on December 10th, 2018

This latest Mobile SDK release is compatible with SugarCRM Mobile 6.3.1 and is available for SugarCRM customers or SugarCRM OEM Partners.

SugarCRM Mobile 6.3.1 for Android

Released on December 10th, 2018

SugarCRM Mobile 6.3.1 for Android has been officially released. It includes fixes for issues identified in prior releases of SugarCRM Mobile.

SugarCRM Mobile 6.3.1 for iOS

Released on December 10th, 2018

SugarCRM Mobile 6.3.1 for iOS has been officially released. It includes fixes for issues identified in prior releases of SugarCRM Mobile.

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