Riva delivers CRM data automation for the world's best CRMs, email collaboration systems, mobile devices, and other business applications

The #1 Integration Cloud for CRM and Email Systems

Looking for the most reliable way to sync your CRM and email systems? You’ve found it. Riva is trusted by over 1,500 companies, including 50 Fortune 500 companies, 15 of the world’s largest banks, numerous Global 1000 companies and small and medium-size companies. 

Choose from Riva Cloud or Riva On-Premise, which both give you access to Riva's advanced server-side, transparent CRM to email sync.

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Leader in CRM an Email Sync

Looking for the best way to sync your CRM and email systems? You’ve found it. Riva is trusted by 1,200+ companies and over 150,000 CRM users. Choose from Riva Cloud, Riva On-Premise, and Riva for Developers.

Solve Complex Sync Requirements

Think Riva for the most complex CRM and email integration requirements: complex messaging environments, global projects, advanced calendar sync problems, automated email integration, custom enterprise CRMs, and more.

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Riva Supports a Dozen CRMs

Riva connects a dozen leading CRMs to Office 365, Exchange, G Suite and Gmail, IBM Notes and Domino, Micro Focus GroupWise, iOS and Android mobile devices. For advanced CRM integration, all roads lead to Riva.

W-Systems Knows Riva

W-Systems can provide you info on CRM solutions that offer the best CRM integration options for your unique needs. Our aim is to make your database and administrative processes as efficient on you as possible.

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Riva CRM Integration starting from $161.46 per user per year