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wTools September 2019 Update

Released on September 29th, 2019

Custom Buttons

  • The Open/Close Side pane, Edit and wActivities buttons were not visible when having multiple buttons in the header
  • Field size is now dependent on the parent view
  • 'Create' and 'Preset' record actions has been improved
  • Improvements made on process definition actions: email template subject lines can now use dynamic fields

Drill Down Report Chart Dashlet

  • Issue with the filter dashlet toggle button when hitting both the refresh and cancel button
  • Issue related to wMobile for SugarCRM
  • The currency symbol on report charts was not based on the preferred user currency

Gauge Chart Dashlet

  • Issue related to the gauge dashlet's maximum value being wrongly converted to the current currency 
  • Issue related to chart errors on 'Count' Value Type
  • Issue related to the 'favorite' filter error
  • Currency Fields now display the amount of a currency amount instead of a number.

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