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wTools November 2016 Update

Released on November 29th, 2016

Custom Buttons

  • Implemented more button actions
  • Added 'Run Scheduled Job' for Custom Buttons
  • Fixed issue with Run Jobs list not being populated correctly
  • Buttons now have a default configuration
  • You will now not be able to save the field unless you add at least one button
  • You will now not be able to update/save a button unless the data provided is valid
  • Added error messages to let the user know what is wrong
  • Fixed icon positioning
  • Fixed 'Merge Document' action
  • Fixed error handling
  • Added the 'Convert Lead' option as long as you create the field for the Leads module
  • Fixed 'Update Field' view issues
  • Formulas and expressions are now evaluated with an API
  • Added the possibility to have multiple 'Update Field' actions on a single button
  • Added tooltips for formulas
  • Added feedback for when a new Scheduled Job has started or finished running
  • Added confirmation alert when trying to delete a button

Custom Notification Field Type

  • Updated Setup and Usage document

Drill Down Report Chart Dashlet

  • Added 'Sort on List View' functionality
  • Added Chart previews
  • Added clickable links
  • Added formatted date and datetimes

Embedded Content Field

  • Fixed error on Lead Conversion regarding a Facebook embedded field
  • Fixed EmbeddedContentFields being still in Edit Mode even after saving

Gauge Chart Dashlet

  • Fixed Gauge Chart not being displayed if Range Name 4 is empty and Range Value 4 is filled
  • Fixed pin not being entirely displayed on medium and large dashlets

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