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wMobile for GoldMine September 2018 Release

Released on September 3rd, 2018


New Features

  • 3809 : Added the ability to rename tabs in wMobile Desktop.
  • 3834 : Added the ability to customize the icon for the wMobile One Click Login.
  • 3849 : In wMobile Desktop, added the ability to reply to an email by applying a template, without losing the original email message.
    • Added a new checkbox in the Compose Email page to specify if the existing text is saved or not when applying a template.
  • 3863 : Added Link To functionality in wMobile Phone
  • 3947 : Users can now add or edit secondary email addresses for a contact in wMobile Phone
    • The Email Addresses page can be accessed from the Contact Menu.
    • The Email Addresses menu item is controlled from the Manager Console: System Settings → Configuration → Phone → Contacts → Related Views → Email Addresses
  • 3968 : GoldMine/wMobile users with a blank password can no longer log in.
    • If a user account has no defined password, he/she will be prompted to set a valid password when logging in.
  • 3971 : Restricted wMobile Desktop SQL Manager to run without a read-only SQL user.
    • SQL Manager configurations were moved from the System Settings section to the SQL Queries Manager section: wMobile → Desktop → SQL Queries Manager node in the wManager Console explorer tree.
    • The SQL Manager is disabled by default, and it can be enabled once SQL credentials have been entered.
  • 3973 : wMobile's password policy has been improved to match GoldMine's 2018.2 policy.
    • If GoldMine 2018.2 or later is detected, the new password policies are applied
  • 3977 : Improved performance in the wManager Console Access Logs section by paging on a grid.
  • 3978 : Updated TinyMCE framework in the wMobile Desktop templates.
  • 3979 : Added the option to export current Access Logs resulted from the filtering or sorting commands.
  • 3985 : The wMobile notifications' body has been changed by adding the user's time zone name for dates and times.
  • 3983 : The wDiagnostic report now includes Notification failure logs
  • 3995 : Added the ability to show/hide expression fields in wMobile Phone's contact views.
    • A new user setting has been added in the User Preferences page: "ShowContactExpressionFields" which controls whether expression fields are displayed or not in contact views. This setting can also be changed from the Manager Console under User Settings → Options → Phone → UI.

Defects Fixed

  • 6157 : The vertical divider in wMobile Desktop's primary contact tabs was not sticky when moving to another record.
  • 6190 : wMobile Desktop's content was not responsive when zooming in the browser.
  • 6368 : wMobile SMS Notifications - The empty fields of a linked contact were displayed in the SMS text, resulting in the text body having inconsistent quality.
    • If a linked Contact that doesn't have values for the fields targeted by the notification rule (Contact Name, Company Name, Phone, Email Address, Address, City, State, Zip, Country), the empty values will not be displayed in the SMS text body.
    • Affected rules:
      • SMS on pending activity added with Notify Via SMS checked
      • SMS on pending activity changed with Notify Via SMS checked
      • SMS on pending activity deletion with RSVP checked
      • SMS on activity completion with RSVP checked
      • SMS on pending activity series created with Notify Via SMS checked
      • SMS on pending activity series changed with Notify Via SMS checked
      • SMS on pending activity series deleted with RSVP checked
      • SMS on pending activity series completed with RSVP checked
  • 6371 : wMobile Desktop incorrectly redirected when opening a contact website with a long URL.
  • 6372 : The POP3 email server hosted by did not accept SslStartuoMode=UseStartTlsIfSupported on login like other POP3 servers do.
  • 6383 : The wMobile notification service was not working with an email server connector when no user and password are required.
  • 6427 : An exception was triggered when updating the primary contact and views contained fields from another contact set
  • 6432 : Field labels of 'expression' type were not displayed on primary views.
  • 6433 : GoldMine version detection was not working when installing components.

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