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wMobile for GoldMine September 2017 Release

Released on September 20th, 2017


New Features

  • 3630 : Add option to send email to checked contacts in wMobileDesktop contact list page.
  • 3811 : Add support for Projects in wMobile Phone.
  • 3842 : Add mail merge functionality to wMobile Desktop.
  • 3898 : Add support for required field entry validation in wMobile Desktop
  • 3900 : Google buttons moved from Google contact tab in main toolbar from contact page. Google tab is now removed. 
  • 3901 : Improve Email Test Account command in wMobile ManagerConsole. It now tries to connect and login using user's credentials. 
  • 3902 : Add check for ASP.NET 3.5 in wDiag.
  • 3903 : Add Resend option to the main toolbar in wMobile Desktop email list page and view email page.
  • 3905 : Allow email server to avoid refused recipients and track them in logs. 

Defects Fixed

  • 6122 : wMobile Phone mail merge not applying templates when trying to send to filter/group of contacts.
  • 6169 : Error on email reply to all recipients in wMobileDesktop. This occurs on a big number of recipients and some of them are invalid. 
  • 6245 : Clarify Repair option for restarting an ApplicationPool in wDiag.
  • 6254 : Error updating primary contact in wMobile Phone when email address bigger than 35 chars. 
  • 6255 : wMobile Desktop should no allow users to change the detail type when creating a record for a custom detail type. 
  • 6258 : Users tab does not display all users with Cal access on scheduling activity in wMobile Phone.
  • 6259 : wEmailFetcher logs errors on parsing iCal records in some circumstances. 
  • 6260 : Error when trying to save Monitors from Notification Service in Manager Console.

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