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wMobile for GoldMine September 2016 Release

Released on September 16th, 2016


New Features

  • 3800 : Export access logs from wMobile ManagerConsole
  • 3801 : Make filters sticky in wMobileDesktop Opportunity/Project list page.
  • 3804 : Reload System Settings and Logging Level without an applications restart when settings are changed from Manager Console
  • 3814 : Add support for field order in wMobilePhone layouts based on GoldMine field order position
  • 3816 : Make list page size sticky in wMobileDesktop Opportunity/Project tabs
  • 3818 : Preserve original date when completing activities in wMobile
  • 3819 : Add support for copying the full path for nodes in the system settings list from wMobile Manager Console.


Defects Fixed

  • 6084 : Cal record not removed when deleting email from GM Inbox using wMobile email client
  • 6085 : Extra characters added in notes on activity completion in some circumstances using wMobilePhone
  • 6090 : Attachment file name and extension not preserved in some circumstances when downloading from wMobileDesktop email client

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