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wMobile for GoldMine November 2018 Release

Released on November 8th, 2018


New Features

  • 3994 : Added Time Stamp column to Email/SMS Notification Service Failures.
    • A new column called "Log Date" has been added in the wMobile Manager Console Notification Services to Failures (for both Email and SMS).
  • 4002 : Added an Address field as the Location when using wMobile Phone's 'Add to Local Calendar' command.
  • 4006 : Improvements to the for Contact/Case/Opportunity/Project Notes tab.

Defects Fixed

  • 6455 : wMobile installer detected as potentially infected by several antivirus software
  • 6461 : Previous and Next buttons were not working when trying to activate the product in the wMobile Manager Console.
  • 6467 : Attachments of archived emails were not deleted on email deletion.
  • 6468 : Email de-duplication service was not deleting related Conthist records if the user runs on a secondary contact set.

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