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wMobile for GoldMine May 2019 Release

Released on May 6th, 2019


New Features

  • 4016 : The User Access filter is now taken into account when checking for duplicate contacts
  • 4028 : Added the ability to hide wMobile Phone fields from the wManagerConsole contact screen configuration.
  • 4033 : Added more filtering options for wMobile Phone's contact search page.
  • 4034 : Empty fields are now suppressed in wMobile Phone's contact list page.
  • 4035 : Added logging support for wMobile Diagnostics.
  • 4039 : Added support for WebEx meeting requests in wMobile's email client.

Defects Fixed

  • 4928 : Could not edit the contact email address from wMobile Desktop's custom fields tab.
  • 6534 : Expression fields were not displayed in wMobile Phone.
  • 6537 : Issues when trying to delete or file a GM email which did not have all the required headers in the RFC
  • 6538 : GM Delete flag restricted deletion of all activities regardless of the creator of the record.
  • 6540 : Issues when using a non-existing field in the AutoUpdate section of the Lookup.ini file
  • 6544 : Reply emails from wMobile Phone were sent to a different address due to an incorrect recipients combobox selection.

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