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wMobile for GoldMine March 2014 Release

Released on March 31st, 2014

Build 3.02.759

New Features

3511 Logs Cleanup Utility
3521 Add sort order on QuickSearch results
3525 Merge Documents Improvement
3528 Add Emails In and Email Out to dashboard metrics

Fixes and Changes

5355 Errors in Fetcher log
5385 Make option common for suppressing CloneToNewContact
5386 Export should be restricted based on GM permissions on Access tab
5415 Filter Issues on wMobileDesktop
5416 Filter issue in wMobilePhone
5417 Manager Console: Localization does not show any data in the grid
5419 Deleting GM Mail does not move mail into Deleted folder
5421 String or binary data would be truncated.
5422 Minor Opportunities issues
5425 Emphasize Disabled accounts in wMobile Desktop
5390 wmobile create contact filters problem
5401 Email fetcher service won't restart from Mgr Console
5402 Fix configuration error appearing in Desktop log
5410 Document formatting icons missing
5411 GM+Views not working in wMobile Desktop
5431 Document template list display issue
5432 Cannot paste into a document merge template
5438 GMView display problem
5441 Close console manager when the active content is emailfetcher activity
5444 Adding duplicate emails to a contact does not show a warning message
5448 Link to another contact should not duplicate emails
5450 Pending Appointment Update in Spanish error
5453 Email grid in EmailCenter does not display Contact information
5455 Add new additional contact inserts duplicate email addresses
5385 Restrict option to CloneToNewContact
5433 Add support for Mexican Localization in Merge Documents content
5436 Autofile emails
5449 Not Filed linked emails with removed contact should be marked as unlinked
5461 SQL Query in wMobileDesktop Does Not Return Data
5463 File to another contact problem
5376 Field view listed in wMobile desktop that should not be seen in the contact set
5428 When adding a new case in the search contact the fields are not formated correctly (ex: C\'ompany should be displayed as C'ompany)
5434 Alarm and Activities issues
5442 Error in wMobilePhone in method GetUserByName
5464 Error Saving SQL Query

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