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wMobile for GoldMine June 2017 Release

Released on June 15th, 2017


New Features

  • 3887 : Added support for archiving emails by moving them to Filed folders
  • 3890 : Added AutoFollowUp options back to wMobile creation activity pages.
  • 3893 : Added phone numbers choices for CheckDuplicateContactCriteria system setting in wMobileManagerConsole
  • 3894 : Activity completion screen redesigned with Opp/Case toggle in wMobileDesktop
  • 6229 : Added support for case sensitive searching in wMobileDesktop ResourceManager


Defects Fixed

  • 6141  WT_Configuration on install and/or SQL server migration SettingValue set to varchar(7168) instead of varchar(MAX)
  • 6223  "Multi-day" and "Agenda" text labels were not properly translated in wMobileDesktop
  • 6224  Problem changing additional contact page size in wMobileDesktop
  • 6225  Tabs were missing on record when navigating from additional contact search in wMobileDesktop
  • 6226  Contact page was not refreshing after the record typing rules are triggered in wMobileDesktop
  • 6227  User shrunk columns in pending activity list and got server error in wMobileDesktop application
  • 6228  Error in wMobileDesktop when moving an email from the online Inbox to the GoldMine Inbox in some circumstances
  • 6231  Fax number was not auto-formatted (International or US) in the wMobileDesktop contact page and the new contact record page.
  • 6235  Contact history tab and history activity list page had slow performance in wMobileDesktop
  • 6238  Opportunity probability field shown as text field instead of lookup in wMobileDesktop.
  • 6239  History/Pending activity count was not respecting record access/record curtaining in wMobileDesktop
  • 6240  Creating contact in wMobileDesktop throws DateTime conversion error when Contact2 date time fields are processed in Lookup.ini

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