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wMobile for GoldMine July 2018 Release

Released on July 3rd, 2018


New Features

  • 3647 : wMobile installer check added for old 'WT_' SQL tables.
    • A new check in the installer process verifies if old wMobile SQL tables, that are prefixed with 'WT_', exist. If the one or more tables are found, a warning message will pop up, informing the user that these tables exist and it is recommended to delete them by pressing the Yes button.
    • There is also a second button, No - if clicked, the Installer will continue as usual.
  • 3681 : wMobilePhone Add to Local Calendar option now added for Apple devices.
  • 3749 : Added rules for SMS notifications to match all conditions for wMobile email notifications.
  • 3867 : Added an easier option to select multiple additional recipients in wMobilePhone email compose page.
    • Checkboxes have been added on the page for selecting additional recipients.
  • 3954 : Added an email address field in the user's personal information section for wMobilePhone.
    • wMobilePhone users now can view and change their email address in Personal Information (under My Preferences), in the newly added field - "Email Address".
  • 3956 : Deleting multiple activities at once from wMobileDesktop pending/history activities lists in Cases, Opportunities and Projects.
  • 3959 :  Keeping original dates when completing recurring activities in wMobile.
    • When completing a series of recurring activities, the date and time can now be preserved by setting PreserveOriginalDateOnComplete to TRUE in System Settings in the wMobile Manager Console. This setting also applies to non-series activities. 
  • 3960 : Added a wManagerConsole option to restore built-in localization resources.
    • A new action is now available in the Actions panel from the wMobile Manager Console Localization page. Restoring built-In resources means restoring English (en-US) and Mexican (es-MX) localized resources.
  • 3965 : Added Role and Title columns/filtering for the project contacts page in wMobilePhone.
  • 3970 : Added wMobileDesktop support to Add/Update/Delete all contacts' websites.

Defects Fixed

  • 5849 : wMobile setup - ask the user for confirmation before closing the form by clicking "Cancel" or "X" buttons.
  • 6317 : Add Autofile Start Date field in wMobileDesktop email account settings.
  • 6344 : wMobileDesktop SQL Manager error when trying to run a query which contains an "Order by" clause.
  • 6346 : wMobileDesktop and wMobilePhone calendars returned an error when listing activities with DBNull values as private flag.
  • 6347 : Contact not linked to activity on creating from the wMobilePhone contact activities list.
  • 6350 : Missing option to sort projects by 'Age' in wMobilePhone.
  • 6351 : Unable to show the entire users list when applying templates in wMobileDesktop.
  • 6357 : Large contact website gets truncated and not displayed properly in wMobile.

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