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wMobile for GoldMine July 2017 Release

Released on July 20th, 2017


New Features

  • 3817 : Updated Telerik framework to version 2017 in wMobile Desktop
  • 3892 : Added support for controlling visibility of field audit logs by adding HideAuditRecords user setting over wMobile
  • 3896 : Added system setting to control if the clear filter action from wMobile Desktop activity lists resets user filter to 'All' users or to logged in user.


Defects Fixed

  • 6244 : Cannot select probability values in Opportunity page if they are non-number data.
  • 6246 : Lookup processor throws error when processing Contact2 fields on cloning a contact.
  • 6247 : Page size selection up to 500 in wMobile Desktop contacts, activities, opportunities, cases and projects list.
  • 6250 : Follow-up activity alarm set to current date instead of activity's date time in wMobile.

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