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wMobile for GoldMine January 2015 Release

Released on January 20th, 2015



New Features

  • 3551 : Order log entries descending based on log time
  • 3639 : Add separate options to disable One click login for phone and desktop
  • 3644 : Add support for selecting Time Picker minute interval from User Options

Defects Fixed

  • 5678 : Avoid Ask Word Cleaning message in wMobileDesktop
  • 5679 : Cannot expand user options tree nodes on iPad
  • 5682 : When deleting a user from GoldMine it does not get removed from wMobile
  • 5684 : Lookup.ini is not applied on New or Cloned record
  • 5685 : Record type views are not changing when cloning a contact
  • 5686 : Carriage return [Enter key] does not work to select lookup values
  • 5687 : iCal menu options appears in Export menu more than once when right clicking on activity in calendar
  • 5689 : Create and clone contacts in wMobile Desktop not open the window for editing fields.
  • 5691 : Disable One Click Login does not work for Desktop
  • 5693 : Make sure RGMS stops properly on updates and upgrades
  • 5695: Email Center is not showing folders when theme is set on "Office2010Black"
  • 5696 : ViewEmail Page is not closing when filing an email using "File and Delete" option in IE11
  • 5697 : One click login is not working in wMobilePhone Edition
  • 5698 : Lookup.ini file is not correctly executed on New Contact when Update Filed is "LastName"

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