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wMobile for GoldMine March 2020 Release

Released on March 2nd, 2020


New Features

  • 4056 : Added metrics for Opportunities on wMobile Desktop.
    • Users can report on opportunities and display their metrics on modern graphs and charts.
  • 4065 : The wEmailFetcher can no longer link emails with blank FROM addresses.
  • 4068 : Images can now be added to email signatures in wMobile Desktop
    • Users can now upload images in the Signature section when creating/editing email accounts in wMobile Desktop by using the Upload button found in the editor toolbar.

Defects Fixed

  • 6566 : Incoming emails containing a comma in the Display Name broke the Reply/Reply to All/Forward commands, as it divided the recipient in two invalid ones.
  • 6578 : In some cases, wMobile Phone returned an error after getting redirected as a result of sending an email.

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