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wMobile for GoldMine June 2020 Release

Version  •  Released on June 8th, 2020


New Features

  • 4051 : wMobile for GoldMine: Phone now includes a clean and modern UI
    • Layout
      • wMobile Phone has a new look. All pages in the application now have a modern and cleaner style.
      • The new UI also includes new features to customize the display.
      • The Font Size and Display Density settings can be used to adapt the display to your screen size.
    • Menu
      • A new user menu (side menu) was added where you can view your preferences, save bookmarks, and navigate to the recently viewed contacts.
      • The style of this menu, as well as the style of the Home Menu ca be customized in User Preferences.
    • Contact View
      • The Contact View is separated in 2 tabs to show Details, such as what a user typically sees on the top of the wMobile Desktop of GoldMine contact view, and Linked Information, such as what is displayed in the Contact tabs.
      • The same style is used in Opportunity, Case and Project views.
    • Calendar
      • Month: You can now view activities on a specific day directly in this view and you can navigate very easily specific days.
      • A Today button was added in the calendar's top bar.
      • default activity duration option was added to preset the duration of any newly created activity.
    • Email
      • The Email Center offers Email navigation and Email View improvements, as well as a reorganized menu.
  • 4056 : Added metrics for Projects on wMobile Desktop.
    • Users can report on projects and display their metrics on modern graphs and charts.
  • 4072 : Suppress '&' and numeric characters in wMobileDesktop custom field view tab names.
    • Selected tabs that contain '&' and numeric characters are deselected and must be enabled back from User Options. This is required to clear incorrect data from user settings.
  • 4073 : The wMobile Update installer now displays a warning message when WT_* SQL tables are detected.

Defects Fixed

  • 6566 : Email Message history records are not visible in calendars.
  • 6586 : 'Quoted-Printable' encoded sent emails from GoldMine are not properly displayed in wMobile.
    • Emails sent from GoldMine 2018.x are encoded using the 'quoted-printable' transfer encoding specified in the email header.
      However the email body is not stored or formatted using this encoding in the GoldMine database.
      The fix to address this bug applies only to emails sent from GoldMine. wMobile checks if the email contains the 'quoted-printable' header and replaces it with the correct header.

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