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wMobile for GoldMine December 2016 Release

Released on December 8th, 2016


New Features

  • 3628 : Added server date/time in the wMobileDesktop status bar
  • 3725 : Added support for activity type filtering in the wMobilePhone history activity list pages
  • 3822 : Added support for linking documents to a contact record in wMobilePhone
  • 3824 : Added support for changing the RGMS port from the wManagerConsole
  • 3825 : Enable/Disable AccesLog and SqlLog from Manager Console without having to restart applications
  • 3836 : Automatically clear the contact name when the Link Contact checkbox is unchecked in the wMobileDesktop activity pages
  • 3837 : Added a Repair option to wDiag when the "aspnet_client" virtual directory is missing or is not pointing to IIS root folder
  • 3845 : Added GoldMineSystemData and GoldMineSystemDir to wDiag
  • 3852 : Windows Server 2016 is now supported


Defects Fixed

  • 6028 : Show an error message when forwarding/replying to emails, if attachments cannot be accessed in wMobile
  • 6105 : Remove SQL Manager option from the Tools menu in wMobileDesktop for users without this permission in GoldMine
  • 6116 : Losing activity link to Opp/Proj when Opp/Influencer or Proj/Contact is not a member of Opp/Proj directly linked to primary contact of activity
  • 6118 : RemoteGoldMineService locks a GoldMine license when loading GM API
  • 6119 : Remove Send option on incoming email in wMobilePhone
  • 6120 : Search on SentBy column not working on GM Inbox in wMobileDesktop
  • 6121 : dBase LEFT/RIGHT functions throw errors when applied to an input with the length less than string size parameter value.
  • 6125 : Emails not deleted on filing when duplicates found and DeleteFromServer flag set to true
  • 6127 : Increased UI responsivity by loading the left sliding pads on expand and adding support for paging in wMobileDesktop
  • 6137 : Error on generating new recId for user names 8 characters long.
  • 6138 : Adjusted body processing for GM incoming emails with missing MIME parts, when content-type='multipart/alternative'
  • 6140 : Error opening filed email where attachment cannot be accessed due to unaccepted characters in the file name.

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