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wMobile for GoldMine August 2016 Release

Released on August 29th, 2016


New Features

  • 2846 : Add support to auto-fill city and state fields based on zip code in wMobileDesktop
  • 3629 : Add support for meeting requests in wMobile
  • 3761: Add support for maps and directions in wMobilePhone using Google Maps
  • 3766 : Add option to reset wMobile cache
  • 3769 : Add closest contacts tab in wMobileDesktop contact page
  • 3790 : Add ability to finish RemoteGoldMineService and EmailFetcherService installation even if the service cannot be started.
  • 3793 : Add support to link email to a project/case/opportunity when filling with options in wMobilePhone
  • 3795 : Add ability to hide wMobileDesktop preview pane on all lists
  • 3799 : Add support for F2 lookup list selection in wMobileDesktop add/edit contact filters.
  • 3802 : Add option to show more records in Opportunity/Project tabs in wMobileDesktop
  • 3812 : Add more info in email body when Reassign/Escalate case in wMobileDesktop
  • 3813 : Restart Phone and Desktop components after configuring the Notification Services email account


Defects Fixed

  • 6043 : Internal GM emails (not internet/server email) do not get filed in Sent folder.
  • 6065  :  wMobileDesktop history activity list does not show correctly the activity count when using Contact2 fields
  • 6071  :  wMobilePhone does not handle the dates correctly when the ShortDateFormat setting is "MM/dd/yyyy"
  • 6072  :  Emails filed to another contact via the wMobileDesktop are showing up twice on the original contact history tab
  • 6075  :  The LinkedTo field in the compose email screen is not in sync with the default TO recipient
  • 6076  :  Modifying an alarm (snooze/ignore) from wMobile does not take into the consideration the user's time zone.
  • 6078  :  Activity Count in wMoibilePhone including GM Pending Email
  • 6082  :  History activities with duration higher than 23 hours are displayed wrong int wMobileDesktop calendars.

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