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wMobile for GoldMine April 2018 Release

Released on April 27th, 2018


New Features

  • 3243 : Added support for Relationships in wMobilePhone.
    • The Relationships page can be accessed from Contact Menu.
    • The Relationships menu item is controlled from the Manager Console: System Settings → Configuration → Phone → Contacts → RelatedViews → Relationships
  • 3264 : Added support for referrals in wMobile.
    • The wMobileDesktop referrals tab can be marked as visible/hidden in User Preferences → Contact Tabs panel.
    • The wMobilePhone referrals link is controlled from System Settings → Configuration → Phone → Contacts → RelatedViews → Referrals
  • 3820 : Added support for choosing between In/Out settings when creating/testing an email account in wMobile.
    •  Users can choose which type of settings will be required when creating/editing an email account. Account testing is also performed based on these settings.
    • The user setting - EnabledServerSettings - is now accessible in all applications under the Email section, because it is commonly used.
  • 3910 : Improvements to email selection in wMobilePhone: Support for choosing checkbox size from the wManagerConsole.
    • The wMobilePhone checkbox size is configurable from the wManagerConsole System Settings panel → Configuration → Phone → UI → CheckboxSize. It will apply across the whole application.
  • 3950 : Users can now customize the wMobileDesktop main menu by adding external link buttons.
    • Users can configure their wMobileDesktop main menu, but can be restricted by the AllowMenuConfiguration system setting under Configuration → Desktop → UI.
    • The configurator is accessible in wMobileDesktop and in the wManagerConsole, in the User Settings panel under Options → Desktop → ExternalLinks
  • 3951 : The ability to use email templates, even if there is no contact set as recipient on email creation.
    • You can now apply a template even if you don't have a contact selected as a recipient.
  • 3952 : wMobilePhone Calendar day/week view enhancements:
    • The selected day is now highlighted by a blue border.
    • Days with pending activities/events are darker and displayed in bold.
    • Under day name, if there are pending activities, history activities or events on a particular day, a circle is displayed for every activity type.The circle color is consistent with user calendar preferences (event color, history color, pending color).
    • New user settings in the Calendar preferences page, DotsIndicatorSize, that updates the size of the circle displayed under day name. This setting can have one of these values: Small, Medium, Large.
  • 3953 : The ability to delete multiple activities at once from wMobileDesktop pending/history activity lists.
  • 3957 : Added confirmation dialog when linking an email to a contact, that appears before adding the email address to the contact.
    • When trying to link an email to a contact, if the email address of the sender doesn't exist in the database the user will be prompted to link the email address to the selected contact

Defects Fixed

  • 6314 : wMobilePhone project filtering does not match to opportunity filtering.
  • 6331 : wMobilePhone: 'Please select default recipient' error returned when applying a template, when composing emails from the contact page.
  • 6333 : Unable to apply email templates on reply in wMobilePhone.
  • 6334 : Recurring activities created in wMobile cannot be edited in GoldMine.

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