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wMobile for GoldMine April 2014 Release

Released on April 30th, 2014

Build 3.02.824

New Features

3524 SQL Query Tool : Detect the AccountNo and navigate to the selected record
3526 Document Merge: Replace references to 'Document' with 'Template' in UI labels
3535 Document Merge: Remove small preview in template list
3540 SQL Query Tool : Add support for Output to -> Excel, Word
3541 SQL Query Tool : Add security (Enable disable) support and export user rights handling

Fixes and Changes

5376 Field view listed in wMobile desktop that should not be seen in the contact set
5469 wDiag - Make the Notes field required.
5404 Deleting multiple emails, more than 20, does not delete all emails from server, but marks them as deleted in wMobile.
5462 Dbase function UserInGrp is not supported in wMobile
5464 When Saving a Sql Query in wMobileDesktop we get an error and the Save Window is too small
5467 When unchecking user's AllowLogin checkbox while License User Count < Allowed Login User Count a warning message is continuously displayed to the user
5471 On document download failure screen, the Home link points to a non-exiting page and wMobileDesktop will throw an error when that link is clicked
5472 Create activity with different time zone returns wrong activity time.
5473 Dbase boolean constants .T. and .F. are not supported in wMobile Dbase Expression Evaluator
5474 wMobilePhone Calendar data retrieval speed improvements

5475 Monthly navigation in Calendar with ShowTotalActivities enabled fails
5418 Case field labels do not show correctly in wMobile
5447 File & Delete Multiple emails leaves messages on the server and marks them locally as deleted, such that they will not show in wMobile
5460 Import signature from GoldMine signature file is not working
5476 Calendars TimeZone synchronization is not working properly. There are major differences between activities date time when using different time zones.
5479 When inserting an email address longer than 35 chars, whats over 35 chars is lost.
5480 When a contact owner is a missing user group (the group has been removed from GoldMine), wMobile throws an error on login.
5481 Searching by Email Address in Lookup Contact Search throws an " Invalid column " error
5482 ManagerConsole asks to save the changes when you filter the Users grid and leave that view, although no change has been made.

5464 When Saving a SQL Query in wMobileDesktop we get an error and the Save Window is too small
5484 Sent email is not linked to the TO contact if email address is not defined as primary for that contact.
5485 After updating an email account in Manager Console and closing the form, the Incoming Connection Status in the email account list is not updated.

5468 VFS is set and tests successfully, but user cannot access document from Links tab in wmpc.
5478 Email "File to History and Delete" not working from ViewEmailContent on IE9
5486 Searching a contact after changing the contact set throws an error like: "Invalid column"
5487 Virtual File System:Support multiple drive letters for the same UNC path
5490 Mail Merge in wMobile Phone prompts for default recipient
5492 Added support for contact fields over multiple Contact Sets
5493 Export of numeric fields is blank when exporting search results to Excel
5495 Creating a new account, when filling in fields and tabbing between fields, erases information just entered in those fields.
5496 Display issue on wMobile Desktop Search when changing sort order
5498 Document Merge: Images are missing when selected output is .docs
5499 Document Merge: ( <>) doe snot get parsed

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