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wMaps October 2016 Update

Released on October 21st, 2016

New Features

  • For touchscreen devices: Infoboxes are displayed when clicking pushpins
  • Added Street Vew functionality
  • Added wMaps dashlet, which supports Streetside, Road or Aerial Map types
  • Added wMaps field, which has similar functionality to the dashlet.

Bug Fixes

  • Actions dropdown was being displayed incorrectly
  • Issue when filters were applied twice, and the second time, the conditions were not computed correctly, resulting in an SQL error.
  • When clicking the Street View icon, the map actions (Close, Email Link, Created PDF, etc) were still visible over the Streetside view
  • Drawings were not functional after the Streetview is used
  • When new points were added to a saved map and there are directions on it, the order was recalculated and subpanel points are re-saved. After saving, a subpanel reload was triggered even if the subpanel was collapsed. This broke Sugar's logic
  • When clicking 'Email Link' twice fast, two email drawers were opened
  • The dashlet didn't render anything if it was saved with its default settings
  • When records were updated using SQL generated by the $db->updateSQL() function, the date_entered and date_modified were incorrectly formatted

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