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wDocs September 2020 Update

Version 4.25  •  Released on September 30th, 2020


This article describes the changes introduced to wDocs in September 2020.

Please see the wDocs Product Page or the wDocs User Guide for information about supported Sugar versions and compatibility.

Feature Enhancements

The following feature enhancements are available in this release:

  • Updated the wDocs Template Builder to include extended functionalities: Formulas, Directives and Conditionals.
    • Formulas: the Formula functionality allows you to build templates using Sugar Logic formulas. Users can choose Formulas, Fields and related module fields and copy those to the workspace. Users can also use the following shortcuts directly into the workspace: @ for formulas and $ for fields to generate formula-based templates.
wDocs now supports formula builder thanks to its Template Builder.
  • Directives: the Directives functionality allows you to choose your preferred module and and customize the following:
    • Date: allows you to choose a date type field and customize how the date will get displayed in the merged document. By default, the Date directive type is set to Custom.
You can also add date.
  • List: allows you to build and customize lists for your document templates. After selecting the main module, users can select the related module and fields, how to sort the list items, and set the number of total records that will be extracted from Sugar.
You can also add list.
  • Table: the Table directive type allows you to build tables for your document templates. After selecting the main module, users can select the related module and fields, customize the table header, and how to sort the data in the table.
You can also create templates for tables.
  • Conditionals: the Conditionals functionality allows you to add condition-based logic to your templates. In the example below, the resulting document will return “Test Passed” if the amount field value is lower than 500, and “Test Failed” if the amount field value is higher than 500.
wDocs now enables you to build conditionals.
  • DocuSign Integration. This integration enables users to send the documents merged with wDocs that are also available in the wDocs widget to DocuSign, for signature.
    • Note: To use this feature, Sugar Connector to DocuSign must be installed in your Sugar instance and you must be logged into your DocuSign account.
Send documents for signature directly from the wDocs widget.
Sign documents with DocuSign

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