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wDocs November 2020 Update

Version 4.28  •  Released on December 1st, 2020


This article describes the changes introduced to wDocs in November 2020.

Please see the wDocs Product Page or the wDocs User Guide for information about supported Sugar versions and compatibility.

Feature Enhancements

The following feature enhancements are available in this release:

  • Added a Search function to the Search Template page for wDocs Mobile.
wdocs search and select template

Bug Fixes:

The following bug fixes are available in this release: 

  • Issue related to subpanel Merge actions not being available on the Related record view in mobile versions of wDocs.
  • Mobile issue related to Merge actions being available in both Documents and Employees modules, where they should not be available.
  • Issue with the counter in the Documents subpanel not being updated after merging and/or refreshing on mobile.
  • Issue related to the Merge action continuing after a fatal Template error was raised.

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