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wBenchmark March 2018 Update

Released on March 27th, 2018

New Features

  • Removed the definition of wBenchmark
  • Changes made to wBenchmark Line and Area Chart Dashlet
  • Changes made to easily return the fields grouped by type
  • Changes made to source field

Bug Fixes

  • Issues related to Weekly Metrics
  • Issue related to "call to a member" function
  • Issues related to the chart copy function
  • Issue related to  metrics calculation 
  • Issue related to downloading images with fewer/more values
  • Issue related to Value displayed in Tooltip
  • Issue related to "Recalculate Metric for Date(s)"
  • Issue related to Next/Previous Metric Name
  • Issue related to Vertical Stacked Bar
  • Issue related to users from selected teams representation in charts

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