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wBenchmark January 2018 Update

Released on January 30th, 2018

New Features

  • Added a flex relate field on Target Modules
  • Added " Line Chart Dashlet" Update
  • Added "Bullet Leader Chart Dashlet" Update
  • Added "Ignore User Field" Option on user source field
  • Removed  "Computed Values" subpanel
  • Changed "Series Label" to "Relate To" on "wBenchmark Bullet Leader Chart Dashlet"
  • Added "Run Scheduled Job Now" next to the Create Scheduler Button
  • Moved 'Select Time Period' field to allow for more chart space
  • Added "Display Global" on Legend
  • Included frequency filter dropdown to select data only for a specific frequency
  • Added  filter option for 'Calculated By' multiselect
  • Increased minimum required version for wBenchmarkTargetTemplate
  • New Admin Feature related to Metric definition to 'Sugar Studio'
  • Changed wBenchmark Target Module template
  • Added new feature to  Goal Group
  • Changed "Metric Name" filter

Bug Fixes

  • Issue related to dates in computed values subpanel
  • Issue related to week not being correctly set for 2019
  • Issue related to Metric Definition filter
  • Issue related to ''Previous Metric Name'' and ''Next Metric Name'' field
  • Issue related to "Calculated Global Values"
  • Issue related to The Target Module hyperlink
  • Issue related to TargetModule when creating
  • Issue related to wBenchmark dashlets ,"Calculate only global" field
  • Issue related to  Min, Max, AVG Calculation 
  • Issue related to Duplicate Records
  • Issue related to "wBenchmark Bullet Leader Chart Dashlet"
  • Issue related to "Calculated By" and "Frequency" fields
  • Issue related to  "Goal Start Date" and "Goal Valid Until" fields
  • Issue related to undefined label and  user in "Teams"
  • Issue related to data unavailable for wBenchmark Line Chart Dashlet
  • Issue related to wBenchmark Goal Details records
  • Issue related to Save button
  • Issue related to Validation on Float Values
  • Issue related to  "Manage Studio Fields"

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