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wBenchmark February 2018 Update

Released on February 27th, 2018

New Features

  • Added changes related to maximum available definitions
  • Added the ability to copy the line and leaderboard chart to the clipboard
  • Add indexes for speed up the lookup on calculations
  • Increased minimum required version for wBenchmarkTargetTemplate
  • Added db indexes in order to speed up the lookup
  • Added button to wBenchmark detail layout
  • Added the option to use a vertical stacked bar chart or a stacked area chart
  • Changed label dynamic
  • Changed  the  label "Number of frequencies to display"
  • Changed  "Generate Scheduler" and "Configure Scheduler" buttons
  • Renamed "wBenchmark Line Chart Dashlet" to "wBenchmark Line and Area Chart"
  • Removed calculated fields on "Select Destination Field
  • Removed "Ignore this option" for "Inner Bar Series"
  • Changes made to how big percentages are displayed
  • Changes made on "wBenchmark Line Chart Dashlet"
  • Added Admin Option to generate metrics between dates
  • Renamed "wBenchmark Line Chart Dashlet" to "wBenchmark Line and Area Chart"
  • Hid "Select Users" and "Select Teams" for global wBenchmark

Bug Fixes

  • Issues related to "wBenchmark Goal Groups" record view and " Goal Details" module
  • Issue related to dates displaying twice
  • Issue related to the tooltip position
  • Issue related to Leaderboard Chart percentages
  • Issue related to default value when module is changed
  • Issue related to chart when using "Save as Image..."
  • Issue related to Chart Type name
  • Issue related to The chart image copy option
  • Issue related to Deleted wBenchmark availability in Metric Name on Leaderboard dashlet
  • Issue related to The "Calculated by" option
  • Issue related to misspell on the Warning Message
  • Issue related to Studio module being displayed on "Manage Studio Fields" drawer
  • Issue related to percentage calculation if Inner and Goals are selected
  • Issue related to Chart date display
  • Issue related to Image copied to clipboard
  • Issue related to Stacked Area chart dates
  • Issue related to Stacked Chart Label
  • Issue related to data displayed in dashlets 
  • Issue related to "Ignore this option" field
  • Issue related to "Number of previous years to display"
  • Issue related to "wBenchmark Bullet Leader Chart Dashlet"
  • Issue related to Error message on "wMetrics Bullet Leader Chart Dashlet"
  • Issue related to tooltips
  • Issue related to Line Chart displaying duplicate dates
  • Issue related to "Max value to show on X axis" in Leaderboard Chart
  • Issue related to Misspell on Recalculate a Metric Definition page
  • Issue related to "Select Users for display"
  • Issue related to Start Date/End Date
  • Issue related to wBenchmark Global Configurations

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