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wActivities June 2020 Update

Version 6.02  •  Released on June 28th, 2020


This article describes the changes introduced to wActivities in June 2020.

Please see the wActivities Product Page or the wActivities User Guide for information about supported Sugar versions and compatibility.

Bug Fixes

The following bug fixes are available with this new release:

  • The Add New Field button became locked when using the "X" button, instead of opening the Create Panel. With this bug fix, the Create Panel opens and the Add New Field button is no longer locked.
  • No pop up was being triggered when pressing the Cancel button in Configure wActivities Modules in the Administration page. With this bug fix, the Cancel pop up is always displayed.
  • No mappings are saved after editing a created custom field in wActivities Settings > Configure wActivities Modules. With this bug fix, new mappings are saved after editing.
  • Accounts were not displayed on Record View after making changes on Enabled Search Filters/Buttons and Buttons Display Type from Configure Subpanel Labels and Buttons. With this bug fix, the records are now displayed as expected.
  • Some filters were missing from the History subpanel. Previously, when placing multiple filters on the History subpanel in Record View, only one filter was displayed. With this bug fix, all filters are displayed without error.
  • Spelling issues in Stats and Sync Queue Manager.
  • UI issue related to filter labels on the Subpanel filters. With this bug fix, filter labels are displayed as expected.
  • UI issue related to placeholders across different subpanels.
  • Issue with linking the same Child Opportunity to two different Parent Accounts. With this bug fix, Activities subpanels are updating as they should.

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